PayBito to Provide White-Label Architecture to US-based Firm

  • April 27, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBito to Provide White-Label Architecture to US-based Firm

PayBito, a global crypto exchange, has always aimed at identifying the market needs revolving around the cryptocurrency trade and working on bridging the gaps with their innovation. With the world, now more accepting of cryptocurrency as a potent financial instrument, there appears an increasing need for white-label architecture platform for people to trade on. 

PayBito Offers its White-Label Architecture

Recognizing the market needs early on gives PayBito the much-needed prodding in the right direction for development. In this case, it comes in the form of infrastructure support to move forth with crypto. However, PayBito is to provide a US-based enterprise with ‘technology’ support in the form of white-label solutions on operations of crypto trading and storage.

CEO Speaks

As founder and CEO of PayBito, Raj Chowdhury observes, “For an average trader a crypto trading platform caters to their need to convert their crypto to fiat. Veteran traders would, however, seek to convert their crypto into other variants.” 

With an increasing number of traders drawn to invest in cryptocurrency. Therefore, there is a certainty of the need for an exchange wherein to liquefy the assets as per need. Using their expertise in building tools to aid crypto trading, PayBito offers white-label solutions in the form of exchanges, wallets, crypto banks, and custody solutions.

Looking Within PayBito’s White-Label Architecture

The general rise in the volume of traders also attracts malicious entities looking for vulnerabilities to invade, often with success. It leaves the developers with the new challenge of securing their applications with extra layers of protection to cover network delays. PayBito identifies with this need and its team constantly engages in detecting the threats in the application and frequently patching up the software. 

PayBito implements multiple overlapping layers of protection to bolster the security of the platform. Therefore, this ensures a customer is still covered even if there happens to be a split-second connection-oriented delay in login.

PayBito white label solutions is an umbrella term for crypto trading platform or exchange solutions, Crypto wallet, and custody solutions. The application software is designed for Android and iOS platforms.

With the latest additions, crypto bank, and custody solutions, PayBito is currently receiving huge response for both services. 

Thereafter, Chowdhury adds, “PayBito as a product and provider of white label solutions focuses on security and additional support facility. Thereafter, for faster movement of crypto between wallets and exchange to block entry points of threat entities.”

Wrapping Up…

With new products and services, and attractive offers on trading, PayBito aims to provide a glitch-free trading experience. The PayBito constantly monitors its operations. Thereafter, frequently patch up and upgrade the systems to ensure they may continue as the frontrunners in the domain.


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