About Quarterly Futures Contract

Quarterly Futures Contract

Definition of Quarterly Futures Contract

A quarterly futures contract refers to an agreement to purchase or sell the underlying asset at a fixed price at a particular time (delivery date) in the future. Other than perpetual futures contracts, quarterly futures contracts can expire. When the quarterly futures contract is due, both contract buyer and seller are obligated to execute the contract regardless of where the price of the underlying asset is actually at. The buyer gains if the settlement price is higher than the entry price while the seller gains if the settlement is lower than the entry price.

What is BTCUSD Quarterly 0925 Futures Contract?

The first quarterly futures contract launched by PayBito Futures is BTCUSD Quarterly 0925 futures contract. The ticker name indicates the underlying asset and expiry date. BTCUSD Quarterly 0925 futures contract is quoted and settled in the denominated BTC tokens. BTCUSD Quarterly 0925 futures contract uses BTC tokens as collateral, which means you need to have BTC tokens to trade on a quarterly futures contract. BTCUSD Quarterly 0925 futures contract will expire on the last Friday of the corresponding three-month period, which is on 25 September 2020 at 08:00:00 UTC. A flat 0.015% of delivery fee will be charged for all positions settled on the delivery date. Should we add more quarterly futures contracts for trading, an official announcement will be made in advance.

BTCUSD Quarterly 0925 futures contract is a cash-delivered futures contract. Cash delivery is also known as cash settlement. When the contract is due, the underlying asset is not exchanged directly. Instead, all open positions will be delivered at a settlement price (index-based last-hour moving average price).

Detailed Stipulations of BTCUSD Quarterly 0925 Futures Contract

For more contract specifications, kindly refer to the Contract Specifications of Quarterly Futures Contract.

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