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PayBito is a security focussed, multi-currency, SegWit enabled, ERC 20 compatible high frequency trading platform for digital assets. PayBito is offering the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software for buy, sell and trade of cryptocurrencies.

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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software offers:

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a multi-currency, multi-signature, SegWit enabled trading platform for digital currency

Supports major world fiat currencies such as USD, Euro among others

Apart from Bitcoin- Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, HCX and ERC20 tokens are supported

ERC20 tokens are supported

Architecture allows Cryptocurrencies to be added or removed easily as per your requirements

Enables you to conduct geography specific user KYC and AML checks for compliance

Advanced features such as SegWit, BIP-32, Firebase among others

Defaults to price time priority matching engine but can be customized as per requirements

The product is available in iOS, Android and Web versions

Product Features

Order Book with Matching Engine

Customer Management System

Document Management

System for KYC/Verification

Wallet Management System

Admin Console

UI/UX Branding

Block Confirmation tracking

ERC20 compatible

Additional Features

Pending transaction handling

Segwit enabled for Bitcoin

3 point architecture

Firebase, firewall implementation

Document Management System- KYC/Verification- Geography specific

Crypto Liquidity- Integration with other exchanges

White Label Cryptocurrency Software offers:

Client App Dashboard:

Displays current balance in BTC and Fiat currencies

Displays the current Buy Price and Sell Price

Send cryptocurrency and receive cryptocurrency

Buy cryptocurrency and Sell cryptocurrency

Load balance and withdraw balance

The crypto currency trend for the past one week, one month and 3 months trend.

Admin Panel:

The admin panel displays dashboard, Users, Buy-Sell transactions, Send-Receive transactions and Users

The Dashboard gives a view of the running exchange and the transactions in BTC for past week, past month and last three months

The view user status shows details about the user id, User Name, Email Ids etc. It also portrays the document status of for each user

The Buy-Sell tab captures transaction Id, time stamp, amount and description of the transaction

The view Send-Receive tab captures transaction id, details of sender or receiver like email id, description and timestamp etc.

Order Book:

The Bid table provides an overview of the bid table and ask table for BTC mentioning the Bid Id, Amount and Quantity

The payment order dashboard contains information Name Id, Email id, Phone, Amount and the beneficiary bank details and the transaction status

The balance monitoring dashboard gives an overview the cryptocurrency node balance for various cryptocurrencies

The withdrawal request can be approved from the withdrawal request panel, where it will capture the details, customer, beneficiary, bank details, amount, status and action

The multicurrency user panel will show the various cryptocurrency balance at certain instance

The pending transaction displays the transactions pending for authorization by the admin

Our Support include:

Infrastructure maintenance

Production support


Security patches

On call support

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