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PayBito's Digital Asset Suite Streamlines the creation of trusted and efficient digital assets marketplaces

What We Offer

Seamless Crypto Trading

Seamless Crypto Trading

Paybito is the most trusted global crypto exchange. It supports all leading cryptos and fiat currencies. Get into crypto trading, made super easy and safe with PayBito! Happy trading!

White Label Crypto Exchange

White Label Crypto Exchange

PayBito specializes in ultimate client security when it comes to white label crypto exchange. Launch your own branded cryptocurrency exchange with our customized whitelabel crypto-exchange solutions today!

Crypto Broker Platform

Crypto Broker Platform

Sail into the ocean of cryptocurrency as a PayBito broker. Let PayBito’s advanced crypto broker platform turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality.

Key Advantages

Key Advantages

Seamless workflow

Workflow beyond settlement custody trading and issuance curbs the need for reconciliation in the manual intervention and multiple systems.

Key Advantages

Framework of services

Access to a wide assortment of marketplace services supporting business development and growth.

Key Advantages

Built on enterprise blockchain

Provides immutability and traceability across the entire lifecycle of a digital asset on an auditable and immutable record.

Key Advantages

Time to market

Comes with a low threshold path to setting up a reliable, scalable and efficient marketplace for asset-backed and native tokens.

Key Advantages


Created with a multi-cloud plan, compatible with blockchains to meet the needs of a global customer base.

Key Advantages

Risk protection

Elements credit and market risk with pre-trade reservation and quick settlements.

Comprehensive life cycle support of transactions

PayBito’s digital assets which support the whole transaction chain backed up by blockchain agnostic framework.


Issue asset-backed and native tokens on a distributed blockchain all ledger.


Facilitates 24/7/365 trading. Order management, matching and price discovery are backed up by a plethora of client models and markets.


Manage ownership and record-keeping of assets and funds within the blockchain.


Strong integration within the settlement, custody of funds, assets, trading on the blockchain and shares instant delivery versus payment along with the settlement of trades.

5Data discovery

Offers advanced analytics and data normalization.

The biggest threats to institutional adoption of digital assets are the nexus of insiders and lobbyists influencing legislation to hold back progress and buy time to develop the very thing in their backyard while they critique it. Let’s join the revolution to impeach the system that holds back freedom and decentralization, and promotes the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few.


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Our Clients

Our Clients

Coverage for digital assets marketplaces

PayBito’s technology remains in use within a broad assortment of digital assets markets for various tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies.

Client Base


Digital assets exchanges use Paybito technology

PayBito market surveillance, the critical toolkit to shield market integrity at cryptocurrency exchanges

Manage complicated trading for possibly abusive behaviour

Powerful and productive visualization tools simplify monitoring . It guides to focus on investigation while uniting historical and real-time data to ensure early market manipulation.

Attract order flow and boost investor confidence

Robust market surveillance controls make sure that your market works with the utmost integrity, presenting participants and investors alike that they can believe your market to be orderly, fair and transparent.

Protect your reputation and control regulatory risk upfront

With complete coverage concerning abusive behaviours, spoofing, pump and dump, churning, wash trading, front running, insider trading and more, our solution allows you to go ahead of the risk before it turns out to be problematic for your marketplace.

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