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Trading can be done automatically with the external signal providers of Crypto. One can additionally communicate with trading accounts and utilise indicators for the prevailing trading terminal for aligning the strategy in one go.
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The most reliable Crypto trading bot in the globe

Manage each of your exchange accounts, enjoy backtest trading points and market arbitrage by replicating traders and using market making.

Automated portfolio organisation and quick trading for Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos on the leading Crypto exchanges on the globe is possible.

How does the cryptocurrency trading bot work?

  • Make sure to set up an account and connect it with supporting exchanges.
  • Pick a pair that you are looking for trading and set up your Crypto trading bot in 2 minutes.
  • Make sure to set up the bot.
  • Then, download our app to track and manage your bots anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of crypto trading bots

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Short and long strategies

Allows you to take full advantage of bull and bear markets utilising short and long bots.

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Large trading volume

without price drops or spikes, you can enjoy easy high volume trading.

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Take profit targets

Make sure to set a profit target mark and allow the bot to close a deal at the right point.

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Bot templates

Launch the bot in as less as 5 minutes by using a customised plan or right from scratch.

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Real-time tracking

Accurate and easy tracking of the bots by utilising the most advanced technology that comes with transparent analytics.

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Technical indicators

You can set the bot to deploy day or volume filters for starting trade at the right time.

PayBito trading bot features

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Smart strategy design

By utilising only a few clicks, it is easy to create a bot trading strategy.

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No downloads required

As the platform stays upgraded with cloud-based online service, no downloads are needed.

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Secure and safe

When it comes to safety and security, the funds happen to be pretty secure and safe in the ecosystem of the exchange.

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Tradingview charts

The tradingview charts can help you assess when it comes to the performance of the bot by utilising quick tradingview charts feature.

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Ready to work strategies

other options that can help you pick from predefined plants operating on accurate test results.

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Test before investing

With the test-before-investing feature, this platform can demonstrate the setting's entire response to the loss or profit.

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