Crypto Loans

Earning High APY Through Crypto Loans

Utilize one digital asset as collateral to borrow another type of crypto asset. The borrowed funds can be traded on PayBito's Spot, Derivatives, and Futures markets, used on earn and other platforms, or withdrawn.

Maximum Loan-to-Value(LTV) Ratio
Users can repay at any time without any penalties
Instantly receive the borrowed assets
No or less transaction fee
Acceptance of partial liquidation

How PayBito Crypto Loans Work

PayBito offers crypto banking services, providing loans with several cryptocurrencies that can also serve as collateral. Additionally, we implement risk control procedures with different collateral rates across various currencies for user convenience. Moreover, we ensure the prompt withdrawal of your borrowed crypto, regardless of your location.

  • Step
    Submit an application for a crypto loans
  • Step
    PayBito approves Borrower’s request
  • Step
    Receive borrowed funds in wallet
  • Step
    Repay the principal with interest
  • Step
    The collateral has been returned to your account

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Create an Account

Create your account and follow the onboarding steps

Verify Identity

Verify Identity

Once you’ve onboarded on crypto banking with PayBito, upload the required documents to verify your identity.



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Yes. Cryptocurrency loans can be used. Arbitrage is an advanced strategy in which users on another platform can lend it at higher interest rates and borrow it at lower interest rates.

Users can use crypto loans for margin trading, DeFi yield-farming and earn products. It can prevent liquidation on leveraged positions and can use borrowed assets to increase margin availability.

Once registered with Paybito, users can use funds available in Spot or Funding accounts. Additionally, users can also borrow coins from Paybito.

Loans are computed on an hourly basis. Even loans taken less than an hour are computed as 1 hour. At the time of borrowing, interest will accumulate. Note: At the time of borrowing, interest is computed.

Hourly interest rate X Borrowed amount = Interest

Yes. Users can repay before the due date without penalty. Once users repay the loan amount, Paybito will charge an interest fee on the basis of hours.

The ratio of loan amount to that of the collateral coins is loan-to-value ratio. It is computed as: LTV = Loan Amount/Collateral Amount Loan Amount) = (Outstanding Overdue Interest + Outstanding Interest + Outstanding Principal).

One can add more collateral to reduce the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. One can modify the collateral amount on the order page.

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