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Intuitive and Agile Platform For Trading Digital Assets

Our highly intuitive digitally advanced order book allows our users to trade against an order book recording each of the exchanges done. It ensures that all the traders get the best rate at all times. Along with that, there is easy accessibility when it comes to liquidity.

Product advantages

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Linked with significant Crypto exchanges

Enjoy an interrupted and easy connection with every significant exchange, concerning an effortless experience of trading.

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Effortless Crypto trading

Click trading and professional-grade point functions that enable the users to trade beyond various exchanges and crypto pairs accordingly.

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Organisation and management of Crypto asset

Cutting edge and world-class Crypto trading technology are enabling the frictionless organisation and asset management.

Key features

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Smart order routing

Our significantly updated smart order routing system makes sure that the trader receives The most reliable bid and offer any time from any accessible Crypto exchange.

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Low latency

Being entirely hosted on the hardware makes sure that the traders never miss on orders because of latency on the platforms hosted by us.

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Customised interface

Our customised interface enables the users to customise the layout by utilising modular widgets which includes order books, positions charts, news, quotes and further from multiple exchanges.

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Advance charting tools

Our advanced charting is made possible by an array of tools that includes cancelling and weaving of orders immediately from the chart.

How can our front office execution technology assist you?

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Cost reduction

Benefit from our technological scale and market operating experience to productively control internal marketplaces, including the further reduction of expenses.

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Regulatory compliance

Outsource operations and hosting to offload the regulatory burden and profit from a free point of verification.

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Resource optimisation

Capitalised better on scarce resources and concentrated on activities generating revenue.

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