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Put Your Cryptocurrency to Work and Earn Interest

Utilize your cryptocurrency to generate rewards. It's easy and secure. Explore popular coins, kickstart journey, and earn interest.



Est. APR


bitcoin BTC 0.07% - 0.09% Earn
bitcoin ETH 0.91% - 1.00% Earn
bitcoin USDT 4.16% - 5.00% Earn
bitcoin ADA 0.24% - 0.30% Earn
bitcoin BNB 1.39% - 3.60% Earn
bitcoin USDC 3.60% - 3.70% Earn
SAND HCX 1.00% - 1.10% Earn
bitcoin MATIC 0.08% - 0.90% Earn
bitcoin SOL 0.8% - 0.9% Earn

Put Your Crypto to Work and Earn Interest

PayBito can assist you in earning interest from your crypto assets, facilitating the growth of your crypto holdings with minimal effort.

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It's simple and easy. Earn interest with a couple of clicks. Give it a try today!

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We implement measures to minimize risks and offer you the flexibility to opt-out at any time. Certain protocols may necessitate waiting until the unstaking process is complete before you can transfer or sell your assets.

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Explore, oversee, and discover reward-earning assets directly from the earn interest center. Select from a variety of available assets.


Paybito Earn is a hub on Paybito in which one can view all income probabilities for cryptocurrencies applicable for all and cryptocurrencies one holds. If one is a holder, then there are many good alternatives.

Earn interest from the Paybito exchange is easy. Users can choose from a variety of available products and transfer cryptocurrencies into their selected product.

There are over 180 cryptocurrencies that users can use in at least one of the products. One can choose scores of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and stablecoins.

Users need to have the minimum amount of cryptocurrency indicated for the selected product, and one has to complete all essential Identity Verification checks.

Users need to deposit a preferred amount of cryptocurrencies into a product. Generally, one can see income on the dashboard as early as the very next day. Some products vary. Read the relevant terms and conditions for further details.

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