Paybito Exchange Affiliate

How it works

  • We will deliver you a cryptocurrency exchange interface under the brand name of your company.
  • All offers from multiple Global exchanges, paybito, and other affiliates will be shown at your exchange order book
  • You can bring in customers by marketing the exchange
  • Customers can place trading offers that will match your exchange or the Paybito exchange ecosystem
  • The offer maker and the offer taker can be from different exchanges in the paybito ecosystem. If you are the maker or the offer taker then the commission you will receive will be calculated as per the fee structure is given below
  • Every month the commission will be disbursed to you
  • Your customers' KYC/AML verification is handled by us
  • From your account's reporting module we make a report of your customers, payment schedule, fees along with other details.
  • Your infrastructure is hosted and managed by us on our cloud
  • In the beginning, there is a refundable retainer of $5,000.When your earnings exceed $15,000, the retailer is fully refundable.






Affiliates earn 40% of maker taker fees paid monthly to them.