What is FIX API?

FIX or Financial Information Exchange is an electronic trading protocol that is recognized internationally. A number of financial players like banks, exchanges, broker leaders etc. came together to develop this protocol. It has been created particularly for the real time transfer of sizeable amounts of financial data between market contributors. As a leading trade communication protocol, FIX is essential to multiple trading and order management systems. The FIX API of PayBito is based on theĀ FIX protocol 4.4, which is fast, steady and very secure. It allows you to receive market information, connect to the exchange platform and also place orders by using your own trading software.

Advantages of PayBito's FIX API

PayBito, the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange provides a secure environment for the integration of any customized platform. Individual traders can enjoy the following benefits by using FIX API

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Minimal latency and instant connectivity 24/7

FIX API allows you to transmit a bulk load of financial information within a very short span of time. Each and every operator involved in the process follow rules of engagement that are very stringent. This helps streamline the interpretation of data on both the ends, thus making FIX messages to the point.

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Highly secure & safe

It allows traders to directly run the algorithms on their computers instead of running it on any commercial platform, thus keeping all the vital information secure.


A single customized application for simultaneous connection with numerous channels

A trader can now connect with several brokers all at the same time by using a single customized interface or application to extend the trading chances, as they deem fit.



Traders get the privilege of developing algorithms by making use of programming language or any other preferred tools to get tailored solutions for themselves. Using the PayBito FIX API the broker can connect the tools to the markets easily.

PayBito supports the FIX protocol version 4.4. and offers FIX API exclusively to institutional traders.

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