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Blockchain in Gaming

Blockchain Technology is transforming the future of the Gaming Industry. The revolutionary technology offers a unique value proposition to the game developers and players enabling them to get benefitted from true ownership and virtual exchange. Moreover, the gaming landscape is changing with the advent of blockchain technology. Therefore, we aim to leverage its power into our scalable exchange platform introducing tokenization of gaming assets and facilitating seamless trading of the same.

Blockchain in Gaming

Problems with the Gaming Industry

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Issues with Ownership

The players do not have the true right to ownership of the in-game assets and collectibles, as those are usually stored in a centralized game server. However, in most cases that prevent trade or transfer of ownership.

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Lack of Trade Monetization

The game publishers are unable to earn revenue from their IP when the players are making gaming assets trades on the secondary markets.

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No Compensation for Players

There is no proper compensation protocol for players when they are generating original content by using the creator mode and tools.

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Fraudulent Activities

The issue of fraudulent transactions in secondary market trades is prevalent within the gaming industry. Moreover, the market study shows at least seven fraudulent trades happening against each honest trade.

Blockchain Addressing Gaming Industry Issues

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Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of in-game assets on a blockchain platform enables players to freely trade, transfer, stake, and rent the same ensuring true ownership.

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Incentivize Content

Engagement and publishing of content by the players allow them to earn incentives in the form of tokens.

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Prevent fraud with Atomic Swaps

The use of smart contracts ensures secure trade between players and eliminates any scope of fraudulent transactions.

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A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

PayBitoPro offers the necessary tools and a decentralized ecosystem for developers and gamers to have a futuristic gaming experience.

Key Features of Gaming Exchange

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Gaming Exchange: Tokenization

Our platform enables true ownership of content within the gaming universe through blockchain tokenization of in-game currencies, collectibles, character skills, etc. Therefore, empowering the owner with absolute and uncontested ownership. Minting of all assets within our gaming ecosystem. Moreover, can be traded on the decentralized marketplace, the gaming exchange which is the core entity of our platform. Therefore, the advanced gaming exchange allows safe and legal buying, selling, and trading of digital gaming assets.

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Advanced Tools

Use of revolutionary tools and advanced technology, the gaming exchange allows seamless integration of games with blockchain. Moreover, it creates new possibilities, like new game economies, cross-game compatibility, and generation of real value. The platform has an easy-to-use open-source tool that allows easy integration of any game within the blockchain network. Therefore, by being simple and well-documented, it is easier for developers to use the platform for their games. Moreover, they don’t have to be blockchain experts. The gaming assets are easily tokenizable for a steady flow of revenue along with the guarantee of advance security of all transactions on the gaming exchange.

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