Portfolio Invest

Utilize Portfolio Invest on PayBito crypto exchange to ensure long-term returns and easily grow your crypto holdings steadily by scheduling regular purchases.

Benefits of Portfolio Invest Plan

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Mitigate Risks

Minimize the risk associated with a single purchase and optimize the allocation of your funds.

Customized Plan

Customized Plan

Create your recurring buy plan in just a few steps with our customizable options.

Achieve Sustainable Growth

Achieve Sustainable Growth

Ensure sustained growth for your crypto holdings by adopting a long-term perspective, and experience consistent returns regardless of market conditions.


Diverse Range of Plans

Select from a range of recurring buy plan cycles that can be easily customized to suit your individual trading requirements.

Start your Portfolio Invest Plan

Consistently invest a predetermined amount in cryptocurrency to
build up your crypto holdings over time.

Leverage the Portfolio Invest plan for generating passive income

Choose a cryptocurrency for your investment, determine your investment amount,
and set up a recurring plan.

Portfolio Investment Plan


Portfolio Invest feature permits the users to automate the buying of cryptocurrencies. It does not require any manual placement of orders. Therefore, the portfolio invest feature is easier to use for crypto users. It also reduces the risk of investing by spreading purchases over time.

Portfolio Invest is only a simple method of scheduling crypto purchases. It does not pose any risks. However, cryptocurrencies are risky because they can be volatile. It is advisable to first research and understand the risks of investing in crypto.

There are no fees for Portfolio Invest. But, after an investment plan, there will be some fees charged by Paybito.

Yes, Paybito supports all major cryptocurrencies.

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