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Real Estate Exchange Powered by Blockchain

Create a decentralized marketplace for tokenized real estate assets and facilitate seamless trading and investment of properties with advanced blockchain solutions.

Blockchain based real estate exchange is here to revolutionize the property industry. Starting from streamlining of property transactions to tokenizing the same into digital assets, the distributed ledger technology has been instrumental in the reformation of the sector revolving around the world’s largest asset class.

The Convergence of Blockchain & Real Estate

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Seamless Peer to Peer Transactions

Blockchain when integrate with real estate infrastructure simplifies all complexities concerning transactions. The decentralized technology enables facilitation of peer to peer transactions minus the involvement of any third-party intermediaries, prevalent in traditional real estate architecture.

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Immutable Provenance of Property

Blockchain allows seamless record keeping of the fragmented property history or provenance, into an immutable shared ledger. Unlike centralized solutions, these immutable records can instantly detect any kind of fraudulent activity or unauthorized access and take necessary action immediately.

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Document Searching Efficacy

Searching property documents manually extracted and compiled from multiple sources is a great challenge, which often requires third party interference. Blockchain brings everything under one platform and eliminates all manual processes, thus reducing the search time to seconds.

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Property Tokenization

The tokenization of properties into digital assets on a Blockchain platform enables fast and efficient peer-to-peer transfer of the same. Leveraging the power and contributing features of blockchain makes every movement of asset traceable across the network.

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Property Document Verification

Blockchain when integrated into the real estate architecture allows both manual and automatic verification of real estate documents, saving both time and the resources. It allows the users to submit multiple documents over the platform using the decentralized network.

Key Features of Blockchain Real Estate Exchange

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Advanced Tools

Advanced analytical tools enable one to run an investment simulation to assess the impact through analysis of the risk/return profile of the asset portfolio.

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Portfolio Management

A comprehensive analysis of the property data and investment to make it easier for the investors and aid in decision making when buying/selling assets.

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Seamless Communication

Advanced automation tools for better investor communication enabling information transaction like financial updates via an interactive dashboard that ensures secured data transmission.

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Storage Security

Provision to store investor funds in multi-signature enabled cold wallets. Mandatory 2FA verification while changing or altering account settings or while making withdrawals.

Advantages of Blockchain Real Estate Exchange

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The elimination of third-party intermediaries infuses the infrastructure with a transparency that streamlines the overall operations.

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Improves efficiency of the system through removal of banking, notaries, attorneys, and other intermediaries.

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Increases investor accessibility through reduction of investment thresholds by introducing tokenized real estate into the mix.

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