Reputation exchange is a market place where celebrity reputations can be capitalised on and traded, while promoting digital identity and a fun, fair online dialogue.

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What is Reputation Exchange?

The reputation exchange combines two basic terms: reputation and exchange. Reputation exchange is a repetition marketplace where one can capitalize on reputation and trade while promoting the digital identity, alongside interactions, online dialogue, and fun.

Reputation exchange combines digital and real identity, providing a managed blockchain online register. After getting the digital preparation identity in its professional and standard versions, the recorded members will have access to two varied kinds of products: reputation exchange market and reputation exchange apps.

Present problem

Reputation exchange engages itself with online reputation management that impacts groups' reputation and public figures like political parties. Malicious online content and negative publicity can wreak havoc on celebrities like people who have made some name in cinema, athletics, politics, and social media. Various malicious online content and negative online presence might affect the social portfolio of political parties and celebrities.

The solutions

Reputation online register utilizes blockchain technology to create a digital reputation that is immutable, transparent, sound, independent, and distributed. Blockchain technology enhances digital reputation identity management, including the expression of personnel and constitutional rights associated with the right of reply.

Every registered user on the RoR or reputation online register gets a possibility to access a range of products and services (for example, trades, games, products), including a repetition identity, with repetition at their core.

Product description

The reputation exchange is referred to as a regulated or electronic over the counter market. It is based on the unique trading platform acknowledged as reputation trading.

The reputation trading and reputation exchange platform both works on the concept of REX. This concept's nature is an amalgamation of conventional exchanges like currency exchanges, cryptocurrency token exchanges, and stock markets. The nature of the requirement, safety, and regulations, which are a part of this concept, have been taken from conventional exchanges and cryptocurrency or token exchanges.

Product advantages

  • The REX or reputation exchange allows trade to be expressed in utility tokens, and it in itself is based on the regulations of the security token. Spot trading pairs are greater than 80.
  • Every asset can be settled in Bitcoin, thereby opening a new gateway for two varieties of price linked with one asset - a cryptocurrency price in BTC or Bitcoin and a fiat price in USD.
  • The reputation exchange allows asset trading on the platform based not only on price variation of a particular asset like a stock exchange but also on the link against any asset that would be traded, such as the currency exchange.
  • The asset trades can also have a utility nature that can be spent on services that users initiate.

Who can use it?

  • Focus industries: Credit rating industries, immigration and naturalization insurance, consumer loans, banking Media, and advertising.
  • Target celebrities: Entertainment and sports.
  • Political parties: National, state, and independent level parties.
  • Focus geographies: Switzerland, UK, USA.
  • Individual: service consumers and financial products, entertainment, and sports fans.

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