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Trade your preferred crypto tokens in web3 wallet, navigate various blockchains, and discover top-notch dApps – all seamlessly within your wallet.

Connect the exchange to web3

Connect the exchange to web3

All apps in one place! Easily transfer funds between your exchange and wallet, and seamlessly navigate CeFi, DeFi, and Web3 with just a single tap.

Swap tokens across any network

Swap tokens across any network

Leverage the PayBitoPro bridge and other DEXs to trade thousands of tokens across diverse networks. Benefit from optimal prices due to abundant liquidity and minimal slippage.

Expand your portfolio with a single click

Expand your portfolio with a single click

Make your unused crypto productive. Discover the best opportunities to generate yield on your assets within seconds.

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PayBitoPro Web3 wallet is the most credible crypto exchange. Now it also offers next-level Web3 wallet services. We can link you to the world of Web3 with top-class security and reliability.

PayBitoPro Web3 wallet offers unhindered access to the new and exciting Web3 world. It also ensures better security of digital assets, such that users can view the future generation of the World Wide Web. Without any hassle of storing and managing private keys, one can explore the tokenized economy. PayBitoPro wallet also holds assets in custody and owns private keys in the wallet.

PayBitoPro Web3 wallet is the simplest way of accessing Web3. It provides crypto users with streamlined and secure access to tackle their cryptocurrencies. Users can execute token swaps across earn yields, and multiple chains and interact with various blockchain platforms.

  • 1. Secure: Multi-party computation (MPC) technology supervises every transaction and mitigates single points of failure to ensure that SAFUs are assets.
  • 2. Convenient: PayBitoPro and other providers are integrated. It offers easy cross-blockchain tokens at convenient prices. It can generate yields effortlessly with a single click and explore dApps.
  • 3. Simple: Users can easily create a PayBitoPro wallet without any need to access private keys and seed phrases.

PayBitoPro Wallet is a self-custody wallet. Users can have full authority over assets and funds. Hence, users are only responsible for protecting assets and having wallet backups.

Blockchain transactions do charge standard network fees.

PayBitoPro employs multi-party computation (MPC) to create three key shares. It is then kept in multiple locations for better security. The locations may include device and cloud storage. It is vital to protect the key share on the cloud by implementing encryption by using recovery passwords. Only users will know their recovery passwords.

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