10 Reasons To Use A Crypto Payment Processor

  • September 28, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
10 Reasons To Use A Crypto Payment Processor

The crypto industry has been bolstered since the advent of the crypto payment processor. A crypto payment processor aids online crypto transactions for merchants. It makes transactions easier for companies with the alternative of accepting.

The crypto payment processor brings new sources of liquidity for the companies involved. Therefore, a traditional cash-forward business is able to use digital assets and cryptocurrencies for trading. 

A crypto payment processor offers businesses instant and diverse ways to utilize virtual assets. It enhances liquidity, eradicating liabilities including currency conversion. It also renders cross-border payments easier while securing every transaction made. 

Introducing Billbitcoins: A Crypto Payment Processor

Billbitcoins is a blockchain-based remittance platform developed by a globally renowned software development company, HashCash Consultants. This product ensures the secure transfer of your crypto while reserving all risks for themselves. Implying, you lose nothing, even if your crypto value drops within the seconds of instant transfer. Billbitcoins is proficient in providing cross-border support in case of transactions, and recording of asset and currency movements. It bypasses SWIFT and payment getaways with blockchain to make things fast and cost-effective. It offers auditable remittance transactions that lighten the burden of the user. This product also gets rid of a chunk of tedious work pressure. It can be used in places like Banks, Currency Exchanges, and financial institutions.

Why Choose Billbitcoins As Your Crypto Payment Processor?

One of the stellar HashCash products, Billbitcoins entails a number of advantages. 

  • It practically doesn’t involve the payment of fees. This is demonstrated by zero charges on the transfer of the first $10,00,000 of bitcoin payments after which it charges only 1% to convert bitcoins to cash.
  • It initiates payouts weekly enabling you to get cash in your bank account in 5-6 business days.
  • Most transaction settlements occur within a few minutes; further narrowing the chances of fraud.
  • Payments can be refunded to customers with a single click on the Merchant Account Interface.

10 Reasons You Should Use Crypto Payment Processor

A Crypto Payment Processor is immensely advantageous for trading. Here are ten reasons why you should go for it without a doubt: 

1. You trust blockchain security which is several times more robust than any other network.

Blockchain technology keeps the anonymity of all Cryptocurrency transactions—including paying with crypto, investing in crypto, and crypto lending. Its immutable data storage structure renders it reliable and safe.

2. You need to make an instant transfer through a highly secure network incurring nominal charges compared to other modes.

Nowadays most payment processors are active on the grounds of crypto purchase and sale. It includes multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more. The Crypto payment processor ensures swift and hassle-free transfer while securing every transaction.

3. Crypto Payment Processor to send money back home from abroad.

While cross-border payments might seem a task otherwise, blockchain is here to help. With the help of the Crypto payment processor, monetary transfer across countries is smoothened by getting rid of intermediaries such as banks.

4. You own crypto and you’re willing to spend it for cross-border purchases or donations.

The crypto payment processor has demonstrated that cross-border payments using blockchain are not only feasible but faster. It is also more traceable, and less manual. Any donation or purchase made across countries has significant fee reductions. It also conceals the user’s credentials using the blockchain’s pseudo-anonymity feature.

5. The merchant accepts crypto and you don’t wish to pass through the ordeal of currency conversion.

Direct transfers can occur instantly with the crypto payment processor. There is no fear of manipulation for cross-border payment or chances of data theft. Currency conversion is safe with no intermediaries or correspondent banks involved.

6. Crypto Payment Processor for quick movement of your digital asset, minus the risks.

With advanced data encryption, all your digital assets are amply secured. Thus, nullifying the chances of data theft. Only you have access to every detail of your transactions in a risk-free zone.

7. You need to purchase foreign currency from your trusted broker, but you’re abroad.

Forex brokers from any country, if willing, can transfer Foreign exchange to a user’s account. They can pay with crypto from abroad. You don’t have to worry about currency conversion-related risks.

8. You need to pay in local currency but you’re in a different country.

All payments can be made in the local currency of the origin country. It is transferred to the recipient in the currency of the destination country. There are no extra fees.

9. You want to access the facilities of efficient and secured payment with a hassle-free setup procedure.

With one click you can secure all your assets and make effortless transactions worldwide.

10. You need to conduct transactions of any amount without any limitations.

Unlike traditional processing of payments, crypto payment processors know no bounds. It allows you to conduct transactions of just about any amount.


In this current era of migration and refugee crisis, it is very hard to transfer money across borders. But Billbitcoins offers you a solution that is not only swift but secure and safe. Therefore, it goes above and beyond to provide you with the best in the market and make your work as simple as possible. Not only that, but it also does its utmost to reduce any unnecessary investment. Thereafter, be it in the form of time or money. So, HashCash’s Billbitcoins would be perfect for you as it strives to fit in with your requirements.

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