3 new DeFi products debut via PayBitoPro IEO

  • February 9, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
3 new DeFi products debut via PayBitoPro IEO

The international digital assets exchange PayBitoPro is delighted to announce an increase in its available DeFi products. The US-based crypto exchange will be holding an IEO listing within the first quarter of 2022, where at least 3 new DeFi are slated to be launched.

Decentralized Finance

Built on blockchain infrastructure, DeFi as a fintech tool is already making waves on a global scale. The underlying blockchain technology has been integral to the development of cryptocurrencies, metaverse, and the upcoming Web 3.0. DeFi solutions remove intermediaries and middlemen during financial transactions. Thus, they help in accelerating payment processing optimizing operational efficiency, and reducing costs.

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CEO Speak

Noted blockchain pioneer and PayBitoPro Chief Raj Chowdhury has been vocal on DeFi’s growing relevance, stating, “Decentralization is the future. Upholding blockchain principles, DeFi products will transform existing financial practices, starting with the removal of middlemen.”

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DeFi Applications in Trade, Business, and Finance

DeFi solutions make use of blockchain smart contracts enabling users to take loans, lend or trade crypto funds futures, risk insurances, and even yield interests. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs) also feature DeFi lending, built around dollar-pegged stablecoins. 

“DeFi is evolving at a frantic pace with asset valuations already surpassing $100 billion. PayBitoPro brings forward an opportunity for traders to invest in 3 new DeFi products following an IEO release within the first quarter of 2022,” mentioned Chowdhury.

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PayBitoPro: More than Just a Crypto Exchange

In the spirit of collaboration instead of competition, PayBitoPro offers its crypto exchange architecture for business enterprises to add crypto trading to their business portfolio. In addition to the recent listing of 23 new crypto tokens in the exchange, PayBitoPro also provides crypto-collateralized lending solutions and architecture for gaming exchanges. 

Final Words

The upcoming IEO listing from PayBitoPro will consist of 3 DeFi investment options for crypto enthusiasts and traders. The high-tech security features combined with state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure ensure the exchange platform is the best DeFi place for crypto traders and investors. 

Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/paybito-to-host-ieo-for-at-least-3-defi-product-launches-by-the-end-of-q1-2022-02-09

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