PayBitoPro augments digital asset portfolio

  • March 15, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro augments digital asset portfolio

At PayBitoPro, we bring you the potential tokens before it gets featured on other exchanges. Your funds are secure with the majority of the coins being stored offline. PayBitoPro promises to maintain the highest possible compliance with anti-money laundering laws in the U.S. and abroad. Global digital asset exchange PayBitoPro is elated to announce an additional listing to its assets portfolio. PayBitoPro’s crypto-list now stands at 37 with 4 additional fiats available pushing its asset count up to 41. 

The Premise

At a time of economic slowdown by warring nations in Eurasia, a lot of expectations coming from the crypto sector. The global crypto community looks forward to the same resilience. 

Meanwhile, crypto provides access to the channel for a swift and secure donation for people wanting to help the war-afflicted Ukraine. PayBitoPro authorities find the hour opportune to add variety to their assets and offer up the options to registered PayBitoPro users

“The growing demand for these cryptocurrencies implies a global support and belief in their utility,” sums up Raj Chowdhury, blockchain pioneer and CEO of PayBitoPro. “This is what drives us to add to our asset list.”

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The Anticipation

A larger number of fiat-crypto pairs might attract new investors. At the same time, it allows existing users more potential cryptocurrencies to trade with. PayBitoPro has never lacked support from its large and increasing crowd of investors. PayBitoPro is only glad to provide them with other alternatives to invest in. 

The authorities powering PayBitoPro facilitate a Forex-Crypto exchange technology. Therefore, it allows traders the ease of conversion from one fiat to another, fiat to crypto, and vice-versa. The implementation of this revolutionary technology combining digital and sovereign currency serves to expand the trade avenue.  

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Recent Developments

PayBitoPro announced the enlisting of 23 new digital assets earlier this year. PayBitoPro has also been under the spotlight announcing its intent of hosting IEO for at least three DeFi products by the end of the first quarter of the current financial year. PayBitoPro’s custodial service, around the same time, attained a record high in demand.


The team behind PayBitoPro works to ensure that the platform lives up to its promises and that the customers enjoy a secure platform and hassle-free trading experience. The expansion in the digital asset list is yet another favorable event for international exchange. PayBitoPro has in the recent past been in the news not only for augmenting the technology behind the digital asset exchange but also for voicing opinions on global issues that impact the growth of the digital asset sector.


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