Automated Adverse Intenet KYC/AML Probe Platform for PayBito

  • July 23, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore

Legacy adverse media probe functions with an analyst manually collecting, organizing, studying, and analyzing individual articles – many of which may be redundant or irrelevant. Also, a keyword-driven approach may not comprehend the text which runs the risk of missing real information while pursuing false positives. Analysts are required to study numerous articles before arriving at an accurate deduction of the risks and a subject’s involvement, making adverse media probe tedious, error-prone, and expensive.

Automation of Process

Global virtual currency exchange, PayBito to reinforce their KYC/AML investigation through their new SaaS project. The new project is developed by the research and development wing and uses automation, advanced AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing algorithms. This adverse internet research platform analyzes over 40 million news feeds across 15 languages to sort out relevant financial risks aligned to both FATF and national standards. It thereafter filters out false positives and in an intelligent move highlights results to allow compliance analysts to make more conscious decisions in a fraction of the time spent for the same task by legacy systems.

PayBito Product

The worldwide web is a huge resource for material evidence of criminal activity of any sort. This is veritably the earliest indicator of financial crimes and a lot is revealed by analyzing news content. 

The tool is presently reserved for internal usage. In the coming weeks, the research and development team is scheduled to begin a trial run for the SaaS. A full-scale implementation is expected to follow next. 

“We cannot downplay the importance of KYC and AML. The SaaS project should turn into a more effective tool to combat the threat operatives,” claimed PayBito Chief, Raj Chowdhury.

“The web research is the top and more often the earliest source of information on financial crimes. This is also an essential part of customer audit.”

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PayBito is a rising digital asset exchange that frequently hosts IEO campaigns. The crypto exchange boasts of a huge number of users and routinely upgrades its security protocols. PayBito users enjoy a Portfolio Management System integrated with its exchange. They may choose the crypto bank facilities offered by PayBito.

Concern rises with the increasing number of traders on PayBito’s exchange. A robust KYC/AML investigation system is of utmost importance given the scenario.

“With this project, we primarily do our users and ourselves a service. It may be extended to our partners and collaborators as a SaaS offering at a later stage,” added Chowdhury.

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An amalgamation of technologies may detangle a large portion of the world’s problems given the right direction. Automation, alone can relieve an entire system of fatigue, monotony, and manual error. The implementation of the platform should ease off the troubles arising from personnel fatigue, and also secure the loop against any form of financial malpractice or crime.


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