Automated Adverse Internet KYC/AML Probe Platform for PayBitoPro

  • July 23, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
Automated Adverse Internet KYC/AML Probe Platform for PayBitoPro

Before, people had to manually look through articles to find information about potential risks. This was time-consuming and could lead to mistakes. Moreover, using keywords to search for information could also miss important details. Analysts had to study several articles to make sure they received the right information before making accurate deductions. This made the process expensive, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. PayBitoPro has introduced software to improve KYC/AML investigation.

KYC AML Automation of Process

The US-based crypto exchange, PayBitoPro is bracing its KYC/AML investigation via a new SaaS project. Moreover, the research and development team is utilizing machine learning, automation, advanced AI, and NLP algorithms.

This research platform analyzes over 40 million news feeds across 15 languages. It helps to detect financial risks as per FATF and national standards. Moreover, the software removes all false positives. Thus, allowing the company analysts to make conscious decisions quickly.

KYC AML Integrated PayBitoPro Product

The Worldwide web is a huge resource for material evidence of criminal activities. Analyzing these indicators of financial crimes reveals a lot of information.

PayBitoPro’s tool is at present only for internal usage. However, in the coming weeks, the research and development team of PayBitoPro will begin a trial run. Thereafter, a full-scale implementation is expected.

“We cannot downplay the importance of KYC and AML. The SaaS project should turn into a more effective tool to combat the threat operatives,” stated PayBitoPro Chief, Raj Chowdhury.

“Web research is the top and more often the earliest source of information on financial crimes. This is also an essential part of customer audit.”

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PayBitoPro is a growing crypto exchange that hosts IEO campaigns frequently. The exchange has a huge user base and updates security protocols regularly. The exchange offers an in-built Portfolio Management System and crypto bank facilities.

However, concern rises with the growing number of users. A robust KYC/AML investigation system is crucial.

“With this project, we primarily do our users and ourselves a service. It may be extended to our partners and collaborators as a SaaS offering at a later stage,” added Chowdhury.

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Final Words

Combining different technologies can solve many problems if done correctly. Automation can help remove fatigue, monotony, and mistakes in a system. Using this platform can make things easier, and quicker, and help prevent financial crimes.


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