Free Crypto Payment API

  • May 5, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
Free Crypto Payment API

PayBitoPro has taken the next step towards making crypto transactions easier, simpler, and plausible for all. The world’s number one white-label crypto exchange provider offers Open API integration, allowing businesses to accept crypto payments for free. This step focuses on promoting financial inclusivity and helps walk away from legacy financial architecture’s hurdles.

How Does Open API Integration Work?

The crypto payment processor uses the sharing of an invoice at a locked-in exchange rate. The customer will pay the invoice in crypto, and the PayBitoPro platform will convert that payment into the required fiat currency and commence the bank settlement on the next business day. Therefore, this crypto payment facility is free to use and is already a part of several businesses’ payment methods.

Crypto Solutions Towards Global Crypto Adoption

PayBitoPro aims at financial inclusion and global crypto adoption and offers several groundbreaking features for reaching these missions. Moreover, PayBitoPro is globally recognized as the world’s number one provider of white-label crypto exchange for brokers. However, being the pioneer and the leading provider does not come with sticking to obsolete legacy features.

PayBitoPro has introduced the instant crypto exchange solution to provide diversity by offering a hassle-free, secure, and quick trading platform for brokers with AI tools, multi-device compatibility, legal compliance, and more. 

CEO Speak

Raj Chowdhury, the PayBitoPro CEO, introduces the crypto payment processor as “the latest open API-based payments solution will enable businesses to easily integrate crypto payments in their websites, expanding their customer base and contributing to the growth of the digital economy, driving crypto adoption and financial inclusion.”

PayBitoPro API: Cutting Edge-Features

Thereafter, the salient features of the API-based payment solution are;

  • Free To Use

This new feature is free to use for all businesses. Thus, it is easier for all styles and types of companies to adopt this feature.

  • Compatible With All Major Cryptocurrencies

The platform accepts all the major cryptocurrencies, and thus this feature enables businesses to expand their scope to a broader audience.

  • High-speed Settlement With Zero Chargebacks

PayBitoPro enables businesses to receive payments without disruptions or delays with its high-speed settlement process and zero chargebacks.

  • Bank-grade Security

The platform is known for its high-end security features, and businesses can ensure security with two-factor authentication and encrypted APIs. It also offers identity theft protection.

  • Real-time Control

PayBitoPro includes a real-time dashboard and user interface for businesses to control payment processes instantly. In addition, the interface includes a ticketing system, customer issue management, and easy refund features.

  • Volatility-proof With Direct Bank Deposits

The world’s leading provider of white-label crypto exchange offers direct bank deposit options to protect businesses from crypto volatility. Therefore, the deposits are received in the preferred fiat currency.

  • Hassle-free Refunds

PayBitoPro allows businesses to refund payments back to customers. Therefore, this feature improves the reputation and trust of the business and the payment method.

  • Shopping Cart and Hosted Integration

Businesses can add cryptocurrency payments to their websites with the help of buttons like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Pay Now’, hosted integration, shopping cart integration, and more.

  • Around The Globe, In 38 Countries

This solution is suitable for businesses serving international customers as the platform supports currencies and bank settlements in 38 different countries.

Crypto Acceptance: Powered by Open API Integration

The Open API integration helps businesses and customers adopt crypto with less resistance. Therefore, this feature equalizes cryptocurrency with fiat currency in its ability to be used for accepting payment. Moreover, companies can adopt this feature and tap into a more significant niche. The encrypted Open API integration allows businesses to accept payments faster, cheaper, and more securely.

Brokering World Hunger Away

Sustainability comes from a healthy tomorrow, and the first step towards that is a hunger-free tomorrow. Thus, PayBitoPro contributes to causes that feed undernourished children around the globe by offering a dollar for every dollar that its brokers make. Therefore, it is a singular step to empowering its brokers and tomorrow’s brokers and traders.

Wrapping Up

PayBitoPro aims at creating a tomorrow where crypto holds the same regard as any fiat currency. Therefore, the best way for such an acceptance is free usage, easy integration, a worldwide approach, good security, and better payment features. Open API integration is the first step towards such a global crypto acceptance.


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