Coin Listing Plans of PayBitoPro for 2021

  • November 30, 2020
  • Jennifer Moore
Coin Listing Plans of PayBitoPro for 2021

PayBitoPro is opening up for coin listing and is focussing on adding at least 5 emerging coins within the first quarter of 2021. PayBitoPro’s collaborative approach will allow the new coins to benefit from the marketing and promotional initiatives as well.

PayBitoPro to Add New Emerging Coins

PayBitoPro is focussing on emerging coins with utility value across industries like financial services, entertainment, eCommerce, real estate, and others. Therefore, being associated with a top global exchange like PayBitoPro, the visibility of the listed coins is likely to increase on the global market. They will be able to leverage the brand value of PayBitoPro, extending the reach to a larger demographic of users. Expansion of the crypto portfolio proves to be beneficial for traders too giving them access to a diverse range of assets to invest in.

CEO Speaks

In an interactive session with the media, Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBitoPro, commented, “PayBitoPro is constantly adding new elements and upgrading its features. We have listed several tokens this year, and plan to continue with our listing spree in 2021 as well. Our focus will remain on the emerging utility coins that have shown good market performance post-launch. We are interested in listing and promoting coins of value, providing them with a strong platform to reach out to a larger consumer base. This will also allow the traders to diversify their asset investments, and together we can accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

PayBitoPro has a global user base, contributing to the platform’s consistent trading volume surges. Moreover, it enables seamless fiat-crypto/crypto-fiat conversions ensuring safety through advanced security protocols. Therefore, the global popularity of PayBitoPro owes to its intuitive interface, seamless trading, and multi-fiat compatibility.

PayBitoPro’s Stringent Listing Process

PayBitoPro follows an extensive and stringent listing process. Moreover, its team of industry veterans analyzes each coin for listing. Each coin is under the following criterion:

1. The credibility of the underlying technology
2. The functionality of the coin
3. Skills and knowledge of the team that has developed the coin

Final Words

PayBitoPro also requires a detailed whitepaper with the technological, financial, and marketing aspects of the coin. Moreover, the coin developers must follow regulations, which are for the sake of the traders so that the transparency and authenticity of the coin is intact. Therefore, if a coin is able to fulfill all the requirements set forth by the exchange under its coin-listing policies, it gets added for trading.


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