Conditions While Buying the Dip in Crypto

  • June 14, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
Conditions While Buying the Dip in Crypto

Most people including those not wired to remain cognizant of the ongoings in the financial world have heard of Bitcoin. The current dip in the trajectory of Bitcoin has had a number of investors losing their liquidity. Over the years many have learned to hold on to their coin, though.  

Here we shall talk about buying bitcoin during a crash or significant downtime. 

Buying the dip

Buying the bitcoin or cryptocurrency during a crash or a visible downtime appears simple: like buying an asset when its price has dropped. The goal here is to hold it to sell later when the market rises and prices are high again.

There’s, methodically, a lot more that goes into manipulating the crypto dip. There are a lot to consider, such as the best time to buy, or the coin to get, and how much worth of it. Not all crypto dips promise a profit. Even if there had been a persistent uptrend before the slough down. It is best to consider it as a bargain and not free real estate.

Read on to find out why you should or should not buy the crypto dips, including many other things to consider.

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1. Buying the dips from  an Uptrend 

An uptrend is identified when the price of an asset moves in a generally upward direction. Its rises and falls are on an average higher than the previous peaks and troughs. This is interpreted as higher chances of the prices bouncing back even if the price falls steeply down.

Several investors look forward to buying the dips when an asset pulls back with the anticipation that it will soon regain its value. There have been instances of credible successes with this method. However, it remains a working theory. Practically, there’s no certain way to determine what course an asset will take.

To mitigate the risks involved, many investors resort to the use of the signal line. If a cryptocurrency has a history of an uptrend, its lowest point should never fall below this line. If it does, the crypto in question might have entered a dip phase, making buyers of the dip losers.

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2. Buy the Dips to Enter a Crypto Network 

It is a good idea to buy into a crypto network and start earning more coins when the price drops. Newer altcoins such as Ethereum and Cardano use a validation mechanism called Proof-of-stake. Owners may verify transactions to earn more crypto. Purchasing the dips in a Staking network allow you to begin earning at a much lower cost. It should also coincide with the rise in transaction traffic within that network owing to the price drop.

3. Buy the Dips of Well-established Crypto

Bitcoin forms a great instance of well-established crypto. It’s known to be the most volatile assets in history and also the one that survived some of the biggest crashes. The lowest it dipped was in 2011 when its price dropped by over 99%. It would be a miracle for investors to recover anything at all after that, however they did.

Despite all the rise and fall, bitcoin has each time rebounded to a higher value and maintained a persistent uptrend since its inception.

It also boils down to track records. If a crypto is withstanding numerous dramatic rises and falls, like bitcoin, it has high chances of recovering from a dip.


While everyone is fond of a good opportunity, an opportunity gets only as good as the asset you’re looking to invest in it. Crypto dips happen frequently, but not all of those will recover. 

One of the ways to determine if a dip is worth staking in, is extensive research. The process itself will provide invaluable insights and most likely sharpen your intuition while staking a crypto.

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