Craig Wright Is Not the Inventor of Bitcoin says London High Court

  • May 23, 2024
  • Jennifer Moore
Craig Wright Is Not the Inventor of Bitcoin says London High Court

Satoshi Nakamoto is commonly known as the inventor of Bitcoin in 2009. However, this is not the name of a real person, rather it is a pseudonym used for the person or a group of people who created Bitcoin. Satoshi is an invisible mysterious figure responsible for laying the groundwork for cryptography. Recently, Craig Wright claimed that he was the man behind Satoshi Nakamoto. On May 20, the London High Court ruled that he was lying. Let us look into some of the details of this case.

Brief  Background of Craig Wright’s Claim As The Inventor of Bitcoin

Craig Wright’s claim of being the inventor of Bitcoin is quite old. In 2016, as a computer scientist, he started claiming that he was responsible for creating Bitcoin. He also went further and started claiming that Wired Magazine had leaked his claims beforehand. Previously, Wright also stated in court that he created the technology and was also responsible for instilling the cryptic identity. He admires Japanese culture and that is why he chose the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Tominga Nakamoto is the name of a Japanese philosopher.

Craig Wright Lied That He Was The Inventor of Bitcoin

Craig Wright in the past claimed that he was the main man behind Satoshi Nakamoto. However, after examining his evidence, the UK court in London found that he was lying. Most of the lies were forgeries that supported his claim. The judge also found that Wright forged documents to support false claims. Since the initial oral ruling in March, Wright has discarded multiple lawsuits linked with his claim. 

In his written judgment, Judge James Mellor said that Craig repeatedly and extensively lied regarding his claim to be Satoshi. The judge also inferred that Wright was not Nakamoto. He also said that Craig Wright is not the person who created the system or had played any significant role in its creation. Craig also had no role in developing the initial version of the Bitcoin software. Furthermore, Craig intentionally abused the process of law in court. This is the reason he issued a freezing order amounting to 6 million British pounds worth of Wright’s assets. This will immediately ensure that Craig cannot move them offshore. 

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Craig Wright is not the only person to claim that he is the inventor of Bitcoin. The reason his claim made international headlines is that he had a stronger case in his favor. However, the recent judgment in the London High Court dismissed all his claims as fabricated. There is no doubt now Craig is not the inventor. Therefore, the original riddle as to who is the real founder of Bitcoin remains a mystery.  

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