PayBito to Provide Crypto Custody Solutions to A US-Based Brokerage Enterprise

  • July 16, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore

In the unfortunate condition of the pandemic striking extreme setbacks to companies around the globe, brokerage firms worldwide seek a solid territory to preserve their crypto assets. PayBito, coupling up with a US-based broker, helps shield their cryptocurrency assets by using cryptocurrency custody solutions.

Considering the certainty of cryptocurrency assets, crypto exchange and trading platform PayBito brings forth its reliable and scalable cryptocurrency custody solutions. They intend to offer institution-grade solutions concerning the US-based brokerage firm. PayBito’s Custody solutions intend to support each of the crypto assets that US-based brokerages, as well as the institutional investors, care about.

“With the expertise of more than 10 years, PayBito assists in prioritizing the security and safety of all the customers. PayBito intends to help brokerage organizations utilize the most acquiescent cryptocurrency custody solution within the market, supported by state-of-the-art business technologies, serving in spontaneously trading digital assets from client’s wallets,” commented Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBito. 

Notable Characteristics Of PayBito’s Digital Assets Custody

Coming with a wide assortment of advantages, digital assets custody solutions of PayBito are packed with a surplus of unimaginable characteristics such as: 

  • Institution Grade Security: The custody solution platform by PayBito is backed by skilled business specialists and marketing experts. With PayBito’s wallet service, US brokerage users can keep their funds safely under the guidance of a reliable and adequate team.
  • Engaging User Interface:  PayBito concentrates on efficiency and steadiness. It happens to be one of the primary visions why they happened to uncover a wonderful user interface concerning PayBito custody solutions, thereby saving users lots of strain and trouble.
  • Spontaneous Exchange Accessibility: PayBito custody solutions assist in trading digital assets undeviatingly from the wallet. Funds remain secured as specialists supervise the chains of transactions.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, PayBito’s crypto custody solutions also come with flexible pricing as well as insurance coverage. 

With an increased appropriation of cryptocurrencies within the Philippines, PayBito, lately, conferred their services to the Filipinos, thereby making cashing in cryptocurrency quite easier. 

With the increasing volume of brokerage firms in the US going deep into the ocean of cryptocurrency, there is an enormous possibility for cryptocurrency to turn out to be a more steadfast and firm financial asset apart from a violently fluctuating one. In the meantime, PayBito continues embracing modification by partnership ventures.


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