PayBitoPro: Record Franchise Growth Worldwide

  • October 30, 2020
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro: Record Franchise Growth Worldwide

Crypto exchange, PayBitoPro is a global franchise program that keeps gaining traction. The leading digital assets trading platform has reportedly experienced a prompt rise in its number of franchise owners around the world in the last quarter. The record ownership and participation of PayBitoPro’s global franchise program attest to its growing popularity, not only among users but entrepreneurs as well.

PayBitoPro CEO Speaks

Speaking of PayBitoPro’s Franchise program, Raj Chowdhury, the Managing Director of the exchange mentioned, “PayBitoPro has been expanding its reach and operations globally, and the Franchise program is central to our plan of accelerating the mainstream acceptance of crypto and popularise its trade alongside other asset-classes. Therefore, thanks to PayBitoPro’s brand value combined with its enhanced trading attributes, the program is of immense benefit to the entrepreneurs and enterprises that want to start their crypto ventures, and the global response so far has been really great.”

Thereafter, the most coveted feature of the affiliate program is its offering of a profitable revenue-sharing model. However, about 50% of the revenue is generated from the new users who are registering via the franchise website. Furthermore, they can be profited as commissions by the owner.

The Franchise program allows access to leverage the:

  • Well-recognized brand value of PayBitoPro
  • Reliability of a well-organized business infrastructure
  • Well-managed & regulated marketing plan
  • Exchange API & planned marketing along with customer support
  • Extensive portfolio of digital assets and regulated services

In Return PayBitoPro only asks for a minimal formality such as:

  • Timely monthly settlement of marketing costs
  • Monthly franchisee investment
  • Consistency in the maintenance and execution of franchise operations
  • Compliance with the brand and regulatory policy of PayBitoPro
  • Increase the franchise influence locally
  • Monetization of local promotion
  • Utilization of social media for local advertising
  • Conduct local promotional events to augment the brand value

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Owing to the advanced trading features and advantages promised by PayBitoPro. Moreover, the Franchise program has become a popular choice globally among entrepreneurs and enterprises that are looking to invest in digital assets and commence their very own crypto exchange without spending a lot.


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