Institutional Crypto Interest Aids PayBitoPro: Raj Chowdhury

  • August 3, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
Institutional Crypto Interest Aids PayBitoPro: Raj Chowdhury

Crypto adoption by institutional investors and traditional institutions is increasing, indicating a positive future for digital assets. Raj Chowdhury, the man behind PayBitoPro and a crypto and blockchain influencer, shares his analysis of the trends and opportunities in the crypto market. This analysis focuses on crypto brokers who can leverage this increasing adoption rate and demand by offering customized trade solutions.

Bitcoin EFT by BlackRock: A Potential Game Changer?

Raj Chowdhury determines that filing a Bitcoin ETF by a prominent asset manager like BlackRock is one of the significant milestones in the crypto industry. Thereafter, this will drive crypto adoption worldwide. Moreover, BlackRock’s involvement with Coinbase in the current climate involving lawsuits shows their confidence in the future of crypto coins.

CEO Speak

Raj Chowdhury says, “The approval of BlackRock’s ETF could lead to a mass accumulation of Bitcoin and prompt other asset managers to allocate a portion of their portfolio to Bitcoin. This will create a huge demand for crypto brokers who can facilitate the buying and selling of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a secure and compliant manner.”

He also mentioned that Bitcoin would continue to dominate the market even when prominent players like BlackRock eventually turn towards altcoins like Ether, Litecoin, Algorand, and others. Therefore, there is a wide range of crypto assets to create a varied portfolio based on individual preferences.

PayBitoPro Helping Crypto Brokers To Serve Institutional Asset Managers

PayBitoPro offers a customized, scalable, and robust white label crypto broker platform for crypto brokers to launch unique brokerage services or own branded exchanges to attract institutional asset managers. The platform supports more than 50 crypto coins, including the market leaders like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, and others. It also offers liquidity features, 24/7 customer service, regulatory compliance, security features, and more.

Chowdhury added, “The PayBitoPro broker solution is a cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive trade solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises seeking entry into the crypto trading services. The platform provides affordable access to advanced brokerage service offerings without sacrificing affordability” 

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Cutting Edge Features of PayBitoPro 

  • Brokerage As A Service

PayBitoPro utilizes cloud technology to operate with the BaaS model, which allows the crypto brokerage to be accessible to all with minimal waiting time, no complex installation, and an easy-to-launch Quick Sign-up feature. These features help to democratize crypto brokerage.

  • No Installation Hassles

Any broker can start a brokerage firm for a nominal subscription fee of $49.99. The brokers need not worry about installation, coding, or other technical hassles. The platform is compatible with all mobile and desktop operating systems.

  • High-end AI tools

With OpenAI solutions, PayBitoPro allows its brokers to use high-end AI/ML tools. Thereafter, for forecasting, predictive/sentiment trade analysis, fraud detection, portfolio optimization, and risk management. Therefore, the AI-enabled Data Engine helps to perform impact analysis and monitor transactional data to help churn buy/sell signals.

  • Bank-grade Security

PayBitoPro has integrated its pioneer white-label platform with automated KYC and AML verification processes. It is also pre-designed with all high-end security features for wallet, data, and withdrawal protection.

  • Brokering World Hunger Away

Beyond improving the financial ascendancy of its brokers, the platform also aims to improve the vigor of tomorrow. PayBitoPro aims to contribute to tomorrow’s welfare by alleviating the primary global crisis – World Hunger. With Brokering World Hunger Away campaign, the platform matches its brokers’ earnings as commission and donates it towards feeding malnourished children.

Awareness of Crypto Volatility And Fluctuations

Chowdhury also mentioned that blockchain adoption by traditional financial institutes like JPM Coin usage in Euro payment settlements showcases the blockchain’s ability to transform the financial sector.

Liquidity is a crucial factor for investors, and the global liquidity cycle is expected to peak in 2026. Increased liquidity and government spending may impact asset prices and influence the future of Bitcoin. Crypto brokers must prepare to handle the volatility and fluctuations in the market. Moreover, provide their customers with reliable and transparent services.

He also showcases the recent advancements in crypto regulations in other nations like Japan and Hong Kong. He explains, “These developments indicate that regulators are becoming more aware and supportive of the crypto industry and its benefits for the economy and society. Moreover, crypto brokers must comply with the relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdictions. Moreover, it ensures that they protect their customers’ interest and privacy.” 

Wrapping Up

Chowdhury iterates that the current global events point towards mass crypto adoption. PayBitoPro empowers crypto brokers to utilize this market scenario to create a successful and sustainable crypto brokerage career.

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