Reigning globally for its extensive collection of unique crypto assets, PayBito has been rapidly expanding its digital assets portfolio; with the latest inclusion of the leading cashback token KICKS. It is the native asset of the blockchain-based social media eCommerce marketplace SESSIA. The new coin listing offers PayBito’s global user base novel opportunities to explore diverse trading options and exchange a unique utility coin and by doing so expand their crypto-asset portfolio.

Speaking about KICKS listing, Raj Chowdhury the Managing Director of PayBito commented, “We have always prioritized on providing our users with the best trading experience while trading on our platform. PayBito already has the world’s leading cryptos listed on the platform, and we have our focus on updating the asset portfolio constantly to diversify the trading experience. SESSIA’s KICKS token by has displayed good market performance. That when combined with SESSIA’s unique utility and cashback value brings forth a great prospect judging which we listed the token on our platform.”

It has been a while since PayBito expanding its coin listing, and in the past months it has added numerous popular as well as emerging assets to the platform making it available for trading. Owing to all the upgradation the trading platform has been constantly experiencing volume surges. It has been recognized as the leading crypto exchange, which offers the best crypto prices. The listing of KICKS on PayBito’s is a great strategy on the exchange’s part to aid the users in expanding the asset collection by trading unique tokens which has good utility value.

About SESSIA Platform and its Token KICKS

SESSIA is a one-of-kind blockchain-backed app that brings together the elements of eCommerce and social media creating a decentralized marketplace that has zero interference from any third-party mediators for the execution of transactions and operations and transactions.

KICKS is an ERC-20 token native to the SESSIA platform. The token is used by businesses to pay for the cashbacks and kickbacks to the users on SESSIA and also to make internal payments in the platform. The users can exchange KICKS, or convert the same into fiat, or utilize it to buy products or services within the SESSIA marketplace.


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