Global Hunger Crisis: How Can You Bring a Change?

  • November 21, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
Global Hunger Crisis: How Can You Bring a Change?

Even before covid 19 pandemic struck the world with waves of death, disaster, economic recession, and lost jobs, the hunger pandemic was in existence. Every day eleven people around the world die out of hunger. Malnutrition, obesity, and several other diseases are the results of hunger. Did you know that extreme malnourishment and hunger can result in developing serious diseases, and even death? Other than diseases, hunger affects the body and mind of a person in a less visible way. 869million people around the world go to bed hungry, even when the world produces enough food for everyone. Global hunger is a serious issue and needs immediate attention and action.

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Impact of Hunger on the Human Body

World hunger is a serious problem that is affecting millions of people worldwide. Around 14 million children suffer from acute malnutrition. The unhygienic living conditions and dirty water are the prime reasons behind the death of 700 children every day. Hunger is not only a state of the body, but it affects the human body in a different way. Here, we have listed the three major impacts of hunger.

Effects on Your Mental Health

Hunger in itself is quite stressful. Since people constantly struggle with the thought of where to get their food, it can cause anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, and many more. Mothers who have school-aged children and suffer from hunger are likely to develop 56.2% post-traumatic stress disorder, and 53.1% chances of acute depression, according to the “American Academy of Pediatrics”. The lack of capability to feed your loved ones, especially children usually has a traumatic effect on mental health. 

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Effects on Your Academic Performance

It is hard to conduct any activity when you suffer from hunger. Experts share how it can affect the academic performance of children making them cranky, aggressive, and hyperactive. The behavioral issues can result in developmental delay, cause learning disabilities, and distract the kids from school work. Did you know that 50% of children who suffer from hunger are likely to repeat a grade? The worst part is that the child has a hunger crisis that is often very hard to spot.

Increases Risk of Developing Chronic Diseases

According to the experts of USDA, there is a powerful connection between chronic diseases and hunger such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Moreover, every family that receives food from the “Feed America Network” has at least one member suffering from high blood pressure. Moreover, 33% of the families, have at least one member suffering from diabetes.

Often in our daily life, we rush to work without breakfast. However, by the time we reach the office, our stomach demands food, which results in losing our focus. While we feel hungry, it’s too early to have lunch. However, there are many millions of people around the world, who are not just skipping breakfast, but also three times meals and are suffering from severe mental and physical problems.

How Can You Bring a Change?

Cryptocurrencies came into existence in 2009, however, it has managed to prove their worth over the years. Today, the crypto industry attracts several traders, which has increased the demand for brokers. While many brokers work for exchanges, PayBitoPro has recognized the demand for brokers and introduced the world’s first white-label crypto broker platform where brokers, institutional investors, and entrepreneurs can open their own businesses. The crypto broker platform is easy to log in to and provides a readymade multi-asset exchange with over four hundred crypto markets and over twenty fiat currencies. 

However, the brokers have an opportunity to use their profession and turn it into compassion. PayBitoPro’s “Earn more to feed more” campaign provides an opportunity for brokers to help hungry children. The amount of commission earned by the brokers in the platform, the same amount will be spent by PayBitoPro to feed hungry children around the world. If you are planning to venture into the bandwagon, now is the time, to sign up for PayBitoPro’s crypto broker platform today, and join its “brokering world hunger away” movement.

In Conclusion

Global hunger problems are only increasing in the fast-paced developing world. With the covid pandemic, Russia-Ukraine conflict, and climate change, the hunger problems are only fueling every passing day. To address the issues of global hunger, PayBitoPro is playing its part by using its business to reach the needy. PayBitoPro’s “Brokering crypto hunger away” movement, will provide a chance for the crypto brokers to contribute to the movement by earning more commission.

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