Launch of Stock Tokens in PayBitoPro Exchange Creating Ripples

  • July 7, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
Launch of Stock Tokens in PayBitoPro Exchange Creating Ripples

We have, over the years, spoken of tokenization. Real estate is a classic example of how a massive bulk of high value may be fragmented into tokens and put on sale on an exchange. This allows investors of varying capacities to participate in investments of most varieties. Thus, lowering the barriers to entry in the various investment sectors to make them available for average investors. While real estate is still tangible, other forms like tokenized equity and stock tokens may also be tokenized and sold on an exchange. 

What is a Stock Token?

Stock Tokens are digital tokens of stocks trading on traditional exchanges. The Stock Token value is pegged to the worth of the relevant underlying share. the value of the underlying share determines the value of the Stock Token. Stock Tokens are nonfungible over-the-counter derivatives but are not the actual shares themselves. 

Digital asset exchange, PayBitoPro, is prepared to host Stock Tokens of reputed enterprises on their platform. PayBitoPro announces this long-awaited and much-speculated event after lengthy research and meticulous scrutiny of legal and technical aspects. If anything, PayBitoPro management is particular about exercising caution in actual operations in this segment. 

Traders experienced in handling digital assets on an exchange should be familiar with the process of trading. However, trading with Stock Tokens would require the involvement of a counterparty.

CEO Speaks

“This could turn into a defining moment for us, should this effort materialize into a full-fledged operation. However, we are keen on taking cautious steps honoring compliances and obligations,” says PayBitoPro Chief, Raj Chowdhury.

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The digital asset exchange is thriving with a healthy number of traders and enlisted coins. Therefore, the technical team has recently upgraded the security machinery to support the rising number of traders. 

However, this comes amid a crypto-crackdown in China, UK, and Japan. Trading in Stock Token is jurisdiction-dependent. Hence the availability restricts to countries not regulating their trade. 

“The derivative part of trading falls within the scope of regulations. Regulatory bodies tend to suppress their trade. Therefore we’re making calculated moves complying with the jurisdiction,” added Chowdhury.

Final Words

PayBitoPro has always advocated innovation in cryptocurrency. It hosts several utility coins on its platform. Stock Tokens should attract more investors trading in a familiar setup. 


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