London Judge Aims To Find Out The Mysterious Creator of Bitcoin

  • February 9, 2024
  • Jennifer Moore
London Judge Aims To Find Out The Mysterious Creator of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto was recognized as the creator of Bitcoin in 2009. However, this is not the name of a real person, rather it is a pseudonym used for the person or a group of people who created Bitcoin. Satoshi is an invisible mysterious figure responsible for laying the groundwork for cryptography. Recently, Craig Wright claims that he was the man behind Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the case is sub judice as the claimant currently does not have sufficient evidence to prove that he indeed was the man behind the Bitcoin creation project.

Craig Wright’s Claim As The Creator of Bitcoin

Australian computer scientist Craig Wright is now at the center of a trial that began on Monday 5th February. The trial will last a month only in case the judge rules at a later date. The contesting party claims that Wright is lying and his claims are based on forged documents. This is not the first time that Craig has claimed his role as the creator of Bitcoin and the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

In 2016, Craig Wright started claiming that he created Bitcoin. Wired Magazine leaked his documents untimely. The leaked documents included correspondence, emails, P2P distributed ledger, lawyer statements, and transcripts of tax officials. These documents lack veracity because new evidence suggests that many of the entries are backdated including the public encryption keys of Nakamoto. 

In 2021, Wright won a civil case in Florida against the family of a dead business partner who claimed ownership of Bitcoins worth $47.5 billion. He and other crypto experts testified that he collaborated with his deceased friend David Kleiman but their partnership had no links with Bitcoin’s early operations and creation.

Wright also stated in court that he created the technology and was also responsible for instilling the cryptic identity. He admires Japanese culture and that is why he chose the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi David is a character in a book written about JP Morgan and is also a Pokemon character. Tominga Nakamoto is the name of a Japanese philosopher. He said that he did not dare to offer more evidence earlier. Furthermore, when asked about the reason behind creating a pseudonym, he claimed that it was intentional and he wanted to protect his privacy.

Authenticity of Craig’s Claim Under Judicial Scrutiny

Although Craig Wright has produced evidence in court, other individuals are claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin. The individuals are Dorian Nakamoto, Half Finney, and Nick Szabo. This is one of the several reasons that many such as the Crypto Patent Alliance (Copa) doubt his claim’s authenticity. Therefore, they are challenging it in the High Court of Justice. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, backs Copa and wants to declare and prove Wright is not Nakamoto. 

Jonathan Hough, the lawyer representing Copa, alleges that Wright’s claim is based on a brazen lie. He also says that it is backed up by fake narratives and forgeries. Moreover, Wright’s insistence according to Hough amounts to deadly serious repercussions for individuals who had faced legal action. Moreover,  Hough alleges that Wright has not provided genuine to substantiate his claim. Thus, the allegations of forgery, peddling fake narratives, and brazen lies till now are yet to be proved by the court. Hence, it will not be correct to declare Wright as the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. 

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Bottom Line

Whether Craig Wright is indeed the mysterious creator of Bitcoin or not is still a sub judice matter. However, it is an undeniable fact that out of all Bitcoin creator claimants, Wright’s case is still strong. Though the Copa has rubbished the evidence provided by Wright, a lot depends on the verdict of the judge and the investigating agencies. If Craig Wright wins the case, then it will be a memorable moment in the history of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. He may win more recognition and accolades for his phenomenal contribution.

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