PayBitoPro Adds XMR, CRO, and LEO to Its Coin List

  • October 3, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Adds XMR, CRO, and LEO to Its Coin List

PayBitoPro, a US-based crypto exchange, is consistently adding new features. Today it has become a big contributor to the global success of cryptocurrencies.  PayBitoPro helps in trading with predominant cryptocurrencies in the market. Thereafter, the major cryptocurrencies include HCX, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin SV. Therefore, LEO, CRO, and XMR can be beneficial for PayBitoPro.

CEO Speaks

Raj Chowdhury, the PayBitoPro CEO says that “the crypto trader’s courage does not change despite facing an unfavorable market. Many new traders are joining cryptocurrency platforms. Some are even investing in lower rates. This is the reason PayBitoPro has included these new coins such that there are diverse trading opportunities.”

LEO, CRO, and XMR. What’s attractive about them?


iFinex is the main parent company of LEO. LEO token is a utility token. Moreover, Bitfinex exchange uses it primarily to strengthen its users. In 2019, the cryptocurrency LEO made headlines by reaching the shores of a reputed top-ten token club.

Moreover, the token will support the taker’s reduction along with lending fees. iFinex offers products, services, and trading platforms for using LEO tokens. In the entire Bitifinex ecosystem, LEO holds the top position. Ordinary business transactions can make use of these tokens. Moreover, a company’s working capital may gain from LEO tokens. Paying outstanding debts is possible with this feature. Thereafter, firms can gain capital benefits.

CRO (Cronos)

In 2018, found its native token CRO or Cronos tokens. The main feature of this CRO is its use in DeFi. Therefore, the most notable characteristic of CRO is that with just one wallet, users can sell and buy cryptos. 

Moreover, the stated mission of the company aligns with the feature. The company can offer easy DeFi.

Monaco was the former name of CRO. The company changed its brand name. Blockchain technology fully suits the cryptocurrency. Moreover, they have a proof-of-stake consent mechanism. It wants to decentralize finance and trade in cryptocurrency.

XMR (Monero)

XMR (2014) is among the top 30 cryptocurrencies around the globe. Moreover, it is an open-source cryptocurrency. The privacy level of this cryptocurrency is high. This is because the users can make the transactions difficult to trace. XMR makes the currency more anonymous and fungible. Another notable feature of XMR is the ring signature. This helps in more obfuscation of transactions. Investors can use this feature for buying special hardware such as CPUs.

Fungibility makes XMR highly beneficial. By having two units of a currency XMR becomes exchangeable. Therefore, users can willingly make XMR’s dealing history untraceable. Linux, Windows, Android, and FreeBSD are key operating systems. 

Looking Forward

PayBitoPro will become more popular by adding these cryptocurrencies. Therefore, these cryptocurrencies have a large user database. Safety and security are the two credible features of this exchange platform. 


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