PayBitoPro Chief urges NASDAQ reform

  • February 23, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Chief urges NASDAQ reform

Raj Chowdhury, CEO of PayBitoPro, is emphatic that the NASDAQ broker marketplace model has become out of date and restrictive for retail brokers. He argues that the eligibility requirements and trading options are stringent, favoring institutional traders who can afford to use costly AI-powered trading instruments and automated trading strategies that regular investors cannot. Retail brokers suffer as a result of the uneven playing field this generates.

Modernization in the Internet Age

Online information, goods, and services consumption has changed significantly as a result of the internet over time. However, manufacturers of technology are now able to provide consumers with tools. Thereafter, they are very productive for incredibly inexpensive prices thanks to the scalability by cloud technology. The broker model used by NASDAQ, however, still has several flaws from the days before the internet.

  • No Cloud Integration

To provide their services to investors, brokers are required by NASDAQ to build complex technological integrations and set up host servers. The lack of cloud architecture in the exchange, however, greatly increases installation difficulties.

  • Expensive Broker Registration

The expensive process of broker registration, which takes at least six months and can cost between $5,000 and $500,000, is a significant fault in the NASDAQ paradigm. For beginners and entrepreneurs, this makes it challenging to succeed in the field.

  • Favoritism toward institutional Traders

The conventional NASDAQ broker model is no longer relevant. While institutional investors continue to make consistent profits using automated trading mechanisms for high frequency, retail traders frequently lose money.

  • Restrictive Financial Inclusion

The broker model used by NASDAQ has limitations on financial inclusion, which makes it challenging for retail brokers and business owners to prosper.

The PayBitoPro CEO mentioned, “The NASDAQ exchange broker model is restrictive in terms of accessibility and financial inclusion. It is unnatural for retail intermediaries and entrepreneurs to not feel overwhelmed.”

PayBitoPro: Revolutionizing Brokerage Services

PayBitoPro and Chowdhury share the goal of democratizing brokerage services and disrupting the traditional NASDAQ exchange model. PayBitoPro’s BaaS solution leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide all traders with accessible and affordable trading and brokerage options.

  • Brokerage as a Service (BaaS): Cloud-Based Solution

Brokers can start transactions without having to deal with installation problems due to PayBitoPro’s unique BaaS approach. With features including high frequency matching, ChatGPT incorporation, and a simple user interface, this cloud-based platform offers a flexible and practical solution. PayBitoPro uses blockchain technology to create a safe and transparent transaction environment, upholding the integrity of the trade process.

  • Budget-Friendly for the Modern Internet Times

PayBitoPro democratizes access to everyone by providing an all-inclusive monthly subscription for just $49.99. The platform offers all trading choices. Thereafter, including AI/ML suggestions and algo trading. Therefore, at a reasonable price without the need for difficult installations or technical interfaces.

  • Empowering Retail Traders

The PayBitoPro platform makes cutting-edge trading tools accessible to retail traders. Therefore, the program generates precise buy and sell indications from millions of trades and news data by using AI-powered analytics. Retail users are empowered to make wise decisions thanks to the Data Engine, which continuously improves its suggestions based on market conditions and feedback from seasoned traders.

  • Enhancing Financial Inclusion

Raj Chowdhury states, “PayBitoPro envisions a future where anyone can choose brokerage services as easily as any other career option without fussing about expenses, infrastructure setup, or operational hassles.”

Wrapping Up

PayBitoPro’s Brokering World Hunger Away movement is a clear demonstration of their social commitment as they match the earnings raised by brokers to feed malnourished children. Moreover, NASDAQ appears to prioritize profits over societal needs or the environment. However, PayBitoPro’s platform is leading the way toward a more sustainable future by democratizing brokerage access and prioritizing society’s needs. Additionally, their platform provides expert investment guidance while ensuring the high security for their users.


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