PayBitoPro Adds APT, NEO, and EGLD in Its Coin List

  • September 29, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Adds APT, NEO, and EGLD in Its Coin List

The US-based crypto exchange PayBitoPro added APT, NEO, and EGLD to its coin list. Therefore, this will help the company to offer maximum value to intermediaries. Additionally, the traders will also gain from it. A few days back, the cryptocurrency platform added EOS and Avalanche (AVAX). It updates itself periodically and offers more trading options to its users. Moreover, intermediaries and traders can enjoy PayBitoPro’s stance.

CEO Speaks

PayBitoPro chief Raj Chowdhury, states, “The bearish situation in the crypto market will not discourage crypto traders. More traders are investing in popular cryptocurrencies at lower prices. There are diverse trading scopes for those who facilitate new coins.”

Details and Features of APT, NEO AND EGLD


Diem blockchain developers developed the blockchain for Aptos (APT). The most prominent features of APT are safety, scalability, and upgradability. Most of its protocols have these features. Move language is the main language used for programming. It has a modular approach to processing transactions. This enhances its security features too. It is a hyper-efficient system compared to most other blockchain systems.

APT is designed to create higher levels of scalability. It makes tokens interoperable. Furthermore, horizontal scalability and parallel processing make APT more functional and liquid. Therefore, these tokens can be fungible, semi-fungible, and non-fungible. Moreover, it uses Proof-of-stake (PoS) for consensus algorithms.


Antshares the former name of NEO in 2014 by Erik Zhang and Da Hong Fui. NEO and NEO Gas are the two native NEO coins. Though not a mineable cryptocurrency NEO helps in smart contract development. It can also enable digital assets.

NEO will have around 100 million coins. However, only 50 million will be accessible for developers, cross-investments, and contingencies. The coins are purposely created to have voting rights and ownership. Users can buy it on exchanges such as PayBitoPro.


In 2017, Lucian Todea and his two brothers founded MultiversX. ELGD was its new name. Therefore, the blockchain platform develops enterprise solutions. Moreover, it also focuses on apps. This helps ELGD to perform many transactions.

ELGD’s most crucial feature is the governance token. Therefore, the coin supply starts at 20,000,000. It will help in exchanges between the platform’s users. Users can pay the coin as transaction fees.


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