PayBitoPro Provides its White-Label Crypto Broker Solution to a UK-based firm

  • December 7, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Provides its White-Label Crypto Broker Solution to a UK-based firm

PayBitoPro is the Singapore-based crypto exchange platform, that has received several accolades for its top-notch services and cutting-edge technology. While the exchange operates worldwide, the firm is also recognized for providing state-of-the-art white-label architecture to financial institutions, and large industries. While collaborating with different enterprises, it has indirectly attracted a significant number of users in the space. Thereafter, it cemented its position as the top white-label solution provider globally. Recently, the firm announced it plans to provide its white-label crypto broker solution to a UK-based enterprise. 

The Growing Crypto Market in the United Kingdom

While the world is accepting and adopting cryptocurrencies, the United Kingdom is also showing growth reaching new heights. The US-based research firm, Chainanalysis conducted a study reporting that the UK is among the leading economies in Central, Western, and Northern Europe. Another report on the Global Crypto Adoption Index for Grassroots Adoption shows the UK ranked 14th position. Moreover, the UK is in the third position in terms of crypto transaction volume with an average of $252.1 billion.

CEO Speaks

Blockchain pioneer, and Chief of PayBitoPro, Raj Chowdhury states, “As we expand our global footprint, we’re thrilled to offer our white-label crypto broker platform to our esteemed partners in the UK. This collaboration marks a significant step towards empowering enterprises with cutting-edge crypto solutions and fostering financial innovation in the region.” Moreover, he has previously highlighted the contribution of Blockchain and AI to transforming businesses.  

PayBitoPro’s White Label Crypto Broker Platform

PayBitoPro is one of the top white label crypto broker platforms. It has over 1.2 million crypto traders, with a daily turnover of $ 1.5 billion. The exchange offers a wide range of trading options such as Basics, Options, OTC, Futures, Pro, and many more. It also consists of an integrated crypto forex technology. PayBitoPro’s underpinned blockchain architecture consists of advanced security features, crypto and FIAT compatibility, 3-point defense architecture, Multi-factor authentication, SegWit, hot or cold wallets, database encryption, and other top-notch technologies. 

Looking Forward

With over 420 million crypto holders worldwide, cryptocurrencies are gaining huge popularity worldwide. Major industries and financial institutions are adding crypto trading to their service list, due to the rising demand. With PayBitoPro’s white-label solutions, the organizations can venture into the industry, and start their business.



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