PayBitoPro Powers Thailand Fintech

  • November 11, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Powers Thailand Fintech

PayBitoPro makes its foray into the burgeoning Thai crypto landscape, collaborating with a key fintech enterprise to bolster crypto transactions. The US-based digital assets exchange will offer its white-label crypto trading architecture to the firm. 

Thailand And Cryptocurrency

Thailand is already making critical progress toward crypto adoption. In 2021, the country saw almost a 600% increase in crypto trading volumes compared to the previous year. This spike makes Thailand one of the major crypto-popular nations. PayBitoPro’s strategic venture will further promote crypto activities, increasing its relevance and adoption among Thai citizens. 

CEO Speaks

Raj Chowdhury, the chief of PayBitoPro and a noted blockchain pioneer, has high hopes for the Thailand collaboration to create a futuristic crypto ecosystem, stating “PayBitoPro offers a crypto exchange platform with cutting-edge trading facilities along with additional crypto custodial and banking solutions. Thailand features one of the fast-growing crypto talent pools, and this would fare better than any targeted local collaboration.” 

Thailand’s Crypto Ecosystem

When a country starts adapting to cryptocurrencies, people are more likely to have a lot of confusion and fear, leading to a stigma around crypto trading. Two main concerns of new crypto investors are security and liquidity. PayBitoPro has high-end security for the account, wallet, payment, and others. Moreover, since the daily trade volume of PayBitoPro is high, the liquidity is also consistently high.

While talking about the significant step of PayBitoPro in Thailand, Chowdhury mentioned, “If we are looking for continuous growth, we have to get back to the basics – accountability, and transparency. Our ultimate aim is to simplify crypto trading. The community can benefit tremendously with an inclusive approach and adhering to upcoming crypto laws.”

Wrapping Up

This collaboration is not the first rodeo for PayBitoPro. It has covered 26 major nations like Sweden, Japan, the UK, Malta, and more. PayBitoPro has received several international awards and recognitions for its pioneer white-label crypto trading services for brokers. Thailand is also remarkably doing good on the crypto front. It is now in the 12th position in the crypto ownership rate, which is well above Brazil, the UK, Germany, and others.


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