PayBito to Offer its Technical Services in Creating a US Gaming Exchange

  • January 26, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore

Worldwide digital assets exchange Paybito has announced a collaboration for the construction of a major US gaming exchange. The exchange will be offering its blockchain and crypto expertise to build an environment that allows users next-gen gaming features such as true ownership and virtual exchanges. 

PayBito Gaming Exchange

PayBito is bringing forth a revolution in the world of gaming by incorporating blockchain and utilizing its inherent features of networking, scalability, and tokenization. Participants can trade in-game assets among each other either by means of rent, stake or transfer.

The implementation of blockchain smart contracts forges a decentralized gaming ecosystem with exclusive features such as including incentivization, asset tokenization, and prevention of frauds. 

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CEO Speak

PayBito Chief and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury voices his opinion of blockchain gaming, saying “The implementation of blockchain architecture is revolutionizing gaming environments as the world braces to adapt to the metaverse and Web 3.0.” 

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PayBito: A Global Exchange for Cryptocurrency

The US-based PayBito offers white label crypto exchange solutions for businesses planning to incorporate crypto trading in their business services. The product includes trading options such as integrated crypto-forex solutions, for an unparalleled trading experience. The virtual exchange also offers crypto banking and crypto-collateralized lending options.

The exchange has a clientele list featuring banks and financial institutions worldwide. PayBito also caters to marketplaces, stock brokerage, and forex trading firms. Having its sights set on becoming the number one US crypto exchange, PayBito prioritizes transparency and offers a demo trial for experiencing the architecture. PayBito has offered its crypto exchange solutions across Asian nations such as the Phillippines, Thailand(Bangkok), parts of the Middle East, and Canada.

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Final Words

Worldwide gaming is a huge potential market. Upcoming technologies such as the metaverse are estimated to be trillion-dollar global game-changers. PayBito plans to march forward utilizing blockchain network innovation in the success of its gaming venture.


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