PayBito: $2B Trading Volume, Aiming for $5B by 2021

  • April 30, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBito: $2B Trading Volume, Aiming for $5B by 2021

Considering a history of drawing a broad assortment of users worldwide with massive trading volumes, global trading platform PayBito recently overpassed $2 Billion in their regular trading volume.

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PayBito to Surpass $5 Billion Mark By 2021

Other than that, PayBito is also awaiting to surpass the $5 Billion mark by the end of 2021. Due to their previous achievements and user retention. The crypto exchange and trading platform also look forward to mass crypto adoption encompassing global traders.

Bolstering measures to implement a sustained and reliable trading activity for users, the global trading platform features substantial trading operations including smooth methods of Fiat withdrawals and deposits, hence boasting of various cybersecurity propositions like Service layer validations, Web/App/DB layer separation, Firewall, 2FA, IP tracking, GEO Fencing, DDoS mitigation, Hot/Cold multi-signature wallet and many more. Apart from that, PayBito also happened to associate with Bank of America, leveraging their support for necessitated licenses.

The Viewpoint of the Managing Director

Interacting in a communicative session with the media quite lately, the Managing Director of PayBito, Raj Chowdhury, commented, “Our traders happen to be scattered globally and by catching a glimpse at the trading volumes of PayBito of late, our company aims to eye $5 Billion as far as daily trading volume is concerned, by the year-end. With more trading volume comes more liquidity and we can further assure our traders of the most salutary asset values.”

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PayBito’s Latest Ventures to the Crypto Sphere

Recently, PayBito’s advancements followed a forward spike with progress ahead and there has remained a rush in user registrations in PayBito, and quite sometime later, PayBito has observed a speedy growth in its broker registrations. By the broker enrollment number topping 100, the crypto exchange and trading platform are steering towards an improvement. That too within the brokerage program’s requirement. It has spurred PayBito’s purpose of obtaining more users, thereby magnifying their transaction volume.

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