PayBitoPro’s upholds offer on White Label Exchange Solutions

  • August 2, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro’s upholds offer on White Label Exchange Solutions

PayBitoPro offers blockchain-underpinned white label crypto exchange to institutional investors venturing into crypto trading services. The US-based crypto exchange has made a significant presence worldwide by offering critically acclaimed white label solutions for exchanges and other financial services. PayBitoPro has recently announced that it will increase the duration of its limited period discount providing a golden opportunity for investors to start their crypto trading services.

PayBitoPro’s Discount Extension

PaybitoPro’s discount extension on white label exchange is for institutions and investors interested in other white label products. Fintech enterprises and financial institutions can opt for solutions on portfolio management, crypto payment gateways, algorithmic trading, and many more. Moreover, the exchange has also announced its plans for enterprises interested in broker programs, and crypto franchise partnerships.

CEO Speaks

PayBitoPro Chief and blockchain pioneer, Mr. Raj Chowdhury states, ”The rising global acceptance of cryptocurrencies opens up a great opportunity for institutions willing to enter the digital assets trading services market. Future innovations such as the metaverse are built around a crypto economy. The worldwide crypto regulatory framework establishments also reflect the potential governments see in cryptocurrencies.”

PayBitoPro Uses Cutting-Edge Blockchain Technology

PayBitoPro has made a global presence with its innovative solutions. To provide a seamless user experience in trading, the exchange has recently updated its UI/UX design, and security features. The exchange comprises the latest features focusing on investor asset security such as 3-point architecture, BIP32, ERC20, Firebase, SegWit, DDos, and more. The exchange recently added new assets to its listing. It has also lately launched its desktop app version which is available for. Users can use the trial version before making the actual purchase.

“From its very beginning, PayBitoPro operated on the basis of collaboration instead of competition and upheld the principles of transparency, trust, and security. Holding steadfast to these values has helped us establish a global presence with products deployed across 6 continents,” concluded Chowdhury. He has previously highlighted the importance of crypto security and declared his support for bot trading.

Wrapping Up

The latest offers of PayBitoPro provide institutional investors a golden opportunity to start their own exchange platform. The white label products are acclaimed worldwide, which helps to focus on innovation and optimize the customer experience.


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