PayBitoPro: Hassle-Free Crypto for All

  • October 25, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro: Hassle-Free Crypto for All

Cryptocurrencies have existed for ages, and have evolved as an important asset over the years. Today, “cryptocurrency” is considered an investment strategy for several investors. Over three hundred million people around the world invested in cryptocurrencies. Although many people might still resist and oppose investing in cryptos, the major reason is that it is not regulated like fiat currencies. Yet, $93.4 billion in cryptocurrencies are traded every day. Several businesses are accepting crypto as a mode of payment. 75% of the retailers in the United States invested millions of dollars to build an infrastructure to accept crypto as payment. Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity around the world, and with time it shows a potential future in terms of assets. 

With the vast potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in today’s market, several entrepreneurs, and investors are looking for ways to enter the industry. Even during the present bear market, several new traders are investing in crypto or holding on to their assets for a better profit in the future. Did you know that, unlike stock market trading, hiring a broker in crypto trading is not mandatory? Yet, several traders who are new to the concept of crypto, hire professional brokers to help in buying and selling their assets. The demand for crypto brokers started in 2020, after the covid-19 pandemic when millions of people started showing interest in the crypto industry. Today, there are several exchanges that offer brokerage services for their traders, however, it doesn’t provide their brokers to start their own business. 

Get Your Own Branded Crypto Broker Platform

Ready to Enter the Bandwagon with PayBitoPro?

PayBitoPro is one of the global exchange platforms that has introduced the world’s first crypto broker platform for institutional investors and entrepreneurs. If you are a professional crypto broker and want to start your own business, then this crypto broker platform is your best chance. Research shows that 52% of crypto investors are in the industry as a professional and not just as a hobby. In the new yet fastest booming industry, PayBitoPro has come up with a hassle-free instant crypto broker platform. Herein the brokers can add their own logo and business name. Thereafter, start their very own brokerage business with an instant exchange and crypto market. 

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What is PayBitoPro’s White Label Crypto Broker Platform?

White label crypto broker platform provides a complete solution with a readymade exchange with customizable features. The platform offers brokers with over four hundred crypto markets, and more than twenty fiat currencies. Being one of the frontrunners in the industry, PayBitoPro uses its state-of-the-art blockchain technology and provides advanced analytical tools, and features to provide a seamless trading experience to brokers. Did you know that with PayBitoPro’s white-label crypto broker platform helps entrepreneurs to start their own crypto brokerage business in less than fifteen days with maximum security? Rather than building your business platform from scratch, the hassle-free solution makes it easy for even soccer moms to start their businesses.

What Makes PayBitoPro’s White Label Crypto Broker Platform Hassle-Free?

 PayBitoPro’s team of experts in brokerage offers the best services with a hassle-free solution to create a new business platform. The platform offers a range of services with cutting-edge technology. Thereafter, adds customizable features where the entrepreneurs can add their logos and business name. PayBitoPro offers KYC for traders, a traders room with ticket creation, verification, authentication, integration of payment gateways, a back office, integrating cryptocurrencies, and a reporting system. Moreover, PayBitoPro provides a readymade market with high liquidity flow.

Incorporated UI Interface:

The basic and primary aspect of developing a crypto broker platform is the proper “user interface”. PayBitoPro offers an easy-to-access and attractive interface that makes the best user experience and makes the stay long.

High Liquidity

One of the crucial components for the adequate functioning of a crypto broker platform is to have liquidity flow. This requires payment streams, multiple currencies, order access, and more. Some exchanges utilize trading bots to enhance liquidity.

Advanced Matching Engine

Building a crypto broker platform from scratch will require an expert team of developers. However, PayBitoPro’s white-label crypto broker platform provides an integrated matching engine. The matching engine helps in matching the sellers and buyers in trading. Therefore, the high-functioning matching engine of PayBitoPro makes it easy and best for brokers.

AML/KYC Compliant

To prevent fraudulent activities PayBitoPro provides a white-label crypto broker platform with AML and KYC compliance. Thereafter, for the verification, and authentication of traders.

Advanced Security

One of the crucial aspects of any new platform is high-end security. The Crypto industry is a new sector that has attracted not only new investors, but hackers, and cybercriminals as well. PayBitoPro provides high-end security with features such as HTTP authentication, data encryption, Anti DDos, CSRF protection, and more.

Can Anyone Become a Crypto Broker? 

PayBitoPro’s white-label crypto broker platform makes it hassle-free for anyone to become a crypto broker, and start their own business. The readymade exchange with 400+ crypto markets, and multi-assets, professional brokers can offer the best experience to their clients.

Therefore anyone with proper authentication, expertise, and experience in trading can opt to become a crypto broker. PayBitoPro offers a fast, advanced infrastructure, attractive trading capital, payment gateway, high liquidity, branded exchange, etc. If you are an expert trader and would like to level up your career, PayBitoPro’s white-label crypto exchange platform is your opportunity to enter the bandwagon.

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