Paybito’s White Label Payment Gateway Backed by DeFi Ensures Seamless Crypto Payments

  • November 23, 2020
  • Jennifer Moore

PayBito comes with a cutting edge white label payment gateway for simplifying cryptocurrency payments worldwide. Enabling cost-effective and instant execution of cryptocurrency transactions by harnessing the importance of centralized finance it creates a superior decentralized ecosystem of finance for merchants and enterprises.

Decentralized Finance as a Game-Changer

As for the expert’s opinions, decentralized finance can be considered as the megatrend of the financial industry. The white-label payment gateway works as a game-changer leveraging the power of decentralized finance for executing seamless cryptocurrency transactions. Backed up by advanced features and tools, it supports the fraud battle of companies. PayBito’s white-label payment gateway comes with inbuilt risk management characteristics that help businesses to protect their revenues, thereby decreasing and necessary fraud protection costs.

What PayBito’s White Label Payment Gateway has to Offer?

The white-label payment gateway of PayBito comes with a wide assortment of state-of-the-art features, such as:

1. Crypto wallet, along with the multi-currency payment processor that is completely customizable for matching brand identities.
2. Being a compatible payment processor with digital assets, merchant APIs are completely personalizable.

Advantages of PayBito’s White Label Payment Gateway

Along with the notable features, the white label payment gateway of PayBito comes with a host of good benefits as well, like:

1. Business operations allow customers to conduct payments with ease in a similar manner.
2. The payment infrastructure is progressive enough and leverages blockchain technology that helps unite businesses and customers in a protected ecosystem.
3. There are flexible Crypto payment options that help businesses to offer a host of alternatives to their clients to choose from.

With that being stated, PayBito’s white-label payment gateway, apart from offering simple integration and scalability, is employed in audited as per the advanced security standards that ensure that sensitive data stays safe against frauds.


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