Poor Supply Chain Management is a Leading Cause of Hunger

  • January 24, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
Poor Supply Chain Management is a Leading Cause of Hunger

According to the McKinsey report, 400m tons of food is lost every year due to poor supply chain management leading to the hunger crisis worldwide. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN raised an alarm on how food loss is becoming a major cause behind millions of people sleeping hungry around the world.

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Wasted Food Leading to Hunger Issues Worldwide

A new report by McKinsey shows that improved supply chains are vital to stop global hunger from turning into a human catastrophe. In April, the Food and Agriculture Organization of UN shared that 690 million people worldwide are suffering from a hunger crisis. Thereafter, by 2050, it might reach 9.7 billion people. To avoid the mess, food production needs to increase by 56%. 

The reports shared that despite increasing pressure on the food supply, one-third of the total food produced for human consumption goes to waste. Did you know 40% of all the food waste occurs in the post-harvest agricultural supply chain between consumers and producers? The problem is huge in the developing economies and in countries of Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

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Wastage of Food During Storage and Transport

Poor storage supply contributed to the loss of food from spillage, inefficient handling of food to poor storage infrastructure and facilities. Food loss in the middle stage of the supply chain is low in developed countries. This is due to the advanced technology system and efficient crop storage and handling systems.

According to a McKinsey report, in 2018, 400 million metric tons of grain which equals 20% of the global grain production was wasted. The majority of the crops are affected in the post-harvest supply chain. This includes vegetables, pulses, and fruits and includes wheat, rice, and other cereals. Moreover, it was 70% of the average diet in developing countries.

McKinsey suggests that to control food waste, proper supply chain technology is crucial in modern countries. The post-harvest grain loss in developing countries might lead to virtual land adding to three times the cropland area in France. However, it also warns that long-term waste reduction technology adoption in emerging markets depends on economic, social, and institutional factors.

How to Help the Hungry People Worldwide?

Hunger is a global crisis. Several factors are leading to the hunger crisis. It’s time to step up and do something before it turns into something bigger. In the ever-developing world, the hunger problems are only deteriorating with every passing day. PayBitoPro has come up with a “Brokering World Hunger Away” campaign, where each one of you can help and participate.

PayBitoPro is a US-based crypto exchange platform that has recently debuted as the world’s first crypto broker platform. For every dollar brokers earn as a commission, PayBitoPro will use the same amount to help and feed hungry children. Even if you are not a broker, you can always refer a crypto broker to join the program. Thereafter, become a part of the Global hunger crisis.

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