Portugal trending Crypto communities: Raj Chowdhury

  • February 24, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
Portugal trending Crypto communities: Raj Chowdhury

PayBitoPro Chief, keynote speaker, and noted blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury is optimistic about Portugal’s existing crypto stance. The ruling government’s stance and consideration of crypto being a non-taxable asset have already generated a noticeable global buzz, particularly across the crypto communities. 

Crypto Trends across Europe

The rising global crypto awareness and adoption has spread well across Europe. Nations like Switzerland and Sweden are extremely crypto-supportive. Current roadmaps indicate that the Iberian nation is well underway.

CEO Speak

Chowdhury states, ‘Portugal’s zero-taxation policy is drawing crypto entrepreneurs as well as enterprises. The nation embraces the rising global crypto craze and will incorporate its features for the welfare of its citizens.”

Portugal: Zero Crypto Taxation and Blockchain Policy

In a bid to boost development, the European country has constructed multiple “free zones” for technology including blockchain and crypto. Portuguese citizens can use BTC for electricity bill payments along with other options. They are not considered as legal tender as of yet- a position that the nation’s blockchain association believes will change soon. The Portuguese Blockchain Association is in favor of regulation, but not at the cost of crippling technological progress.

“Opportunities galore for businesses surrounding crypto and blockchain. The nation’s positive stance will stand the test of time contributing to its progress as well as the worldwide market,” added Chowdhury.

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PayBitoPro: The International Crypto Exchange 

Chowdhury leads the US-based international cryptocurrency exchange PayBitoPro. The exchange allows crypto enthusiasts and traders all over the world an opportunity to invest and trade in crypto. It started off 2022 with announcement listings of 23 new cryptocurrencies and an IEO hosting dedicated to the launch of 3 DeFi products. 

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Final Words

Growing crypto presence across the world coupled with trading opportunities has put a global spotlight on cryptocurrencies and their limitless possibilities. Portugal is opting to leverage the best growth opportunities for its welfare through technological means.

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/portugal-grabbing-spotlight-european-crypto-080000112.html

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