Research & Analysis is the key to Crypto Futures Trading

  • March 8, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
Research & Analysis is the key to Crypto Futures Trading

The rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchanges are bringing forth conventional trading options like futures, and derivatives. PayBito CEO Raj Chowdhury reflects upon his time as a crypto investor, putting forward invaluable suggestions for traders planning to invest in crypto futures. 

Like all trading options, research and analysis are key to extracting maximum gains through crypto futures trading. Observing trends and patterns help in predicting possible movements in future valuations. Digital assets are volatile, capable of soaring significant highs, and lows as well.

Crypto Futures Trading

A proper grasp of crypto fundamentals greatly helps in conducting independent research. In layman’s words, crypto futures revolve around the estimated future valuation of the digital asset in consideration. Moreover, several factors contribute to the fluctuation, and traders should utilize the right tool from their available arsenal to extract the best potential.

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CEO Speak

The eminent blockchain proponent and PayBito chief states, “There are both opportunities and risks associated with crypto futures. Fortunately, there are tools that mitigate these risks, but a thorough understanding of digital assets and their underlying blockchain architecture is necessary.”

Futures Trading Tools

The aforementioned tools are similar to conventional exchange options- Arbitrage, Hedging, Range Trading, Scalping, Stop Loss and more. Therefore, certain nations and digital asset exchanges permit Bitcoin ETFs, crypto CFDs, derivatives, and OTC(over-the-counter trading) for high leverage gain returns with low margins. 

“Excluding the high-swinging volatility, crypto markets are in ways similar to forex and stock equities. The best advice would be the ones universal in nature: Read Charts, Opt for Verified Trading Strategies, Use a Capable Trading Platform with proven security,” mentioned Chowdhury.

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PayBito: A Benchmark in Crypto Exchanges

The international crypto-exchange PayBito presents a distinct trading experience unlike no other. The US-based exchange comprises OTC for high-volume, futures trading as well as conventional trading choices. M0reover, PayBito recently added multiple features and upgrades in its quest to become the top US crypto exchange, including improved security, 23 new crypto-token listings, crypto collateralized lending facilities, and IEO scheduling for 3 new DeFi products.

Wrapping Up

The rising popularity of digital assets is evident in global crypto reports. Therefore, despite associated risks, investors making sound trading decisions have a higher probability of gains while decreasing losses. 

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