During the first half of May, SESSIA, fortunately, transcended the hundred mark in combining new businesses to their marketplace. Presently, after endless anticipation, this revolutionary marketplace is awaiting another influx of Generation Z and millennial user affinity for being a member of their marketplace upheaval. SESSIA is preparing for its latest kickback and cashback offers concerning the modern generation forthwith. 

Features of SESSIA’s Social Marketplace

With the social marketplace of SESSIA, making purchases, socializing with buddies, and receiving cashbacks is easy and the most enjoyable part – SESSIA’s social marketplace remains assorted by versatile features like:

  • Loyalty Program: Backed by no-commission payments, SESSIA provides businesses with a flexible loyalty program, hence allowing consumers to obtain a cashback for each purchase they do with their associates, friends, and partners.
  • Internet Store Builder: The store builder of SESSIA benefits with a simple and convenient way to execute sales and additionally serves to create an online e-store, thereby enabling users to immediately customize their goods and services, hence maintaining their overall orders side by side.
  • Cashback Wallet: For cashbacks payments about the loyalty program, the wallets of the users can readily be fuelled from the KICKS section of the app. Moreover, the kickback and other records of consumers are additionally saved here, hence filtered date-wise. 

Including the most noticeable features being asserted, there remains a social media concerning descriptions, an in-built smart scanner along with a CRM for marketing, and different such characteristics to help companies and users remain happy. 

What is the President’s Viewpoint?

Addressing the social marketplace by the media, the President and Founder of SESSIA, Narek Sirakanyan, stated, “SESSIA happens to be a social marketplace backed by blockchain technology that strives to bring more young people to its platform with the flexible loyalty program. Presenting the title to the primary token KICKS, apart from cashback, kickback, and awards, the social marketplace aims to win the young user base again and again.”

Upcoming Ventures

Being a radical marketplace in the age of innovative technologies, the social marketplace of SESSIA will ultimately become a state-of-the-art destination concerning business people along with the future generation. 

It happens to be the bright highlight of the business market. Together, by keeping the perks of its lucrative privileges and enduring base of clients worldwide, SESSIA will incur core support by using existing technologies concerning the new user base.

Reference: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/part-social-marketplace-revolution-sessia-080000069.html

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