Natural disasters worsen food insecurity in Sundarban

  • March 30, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
Natural disasters worsen food insecurity in Sundarban

Sundarbans is no stranger to natural disasters. The region is highly vulnerable to cyclones, storm surges, and flooding due to its low-lying terrain and proximity to the Bay of Bengal. In recent decades, the Sundarbans suffer from several devastating cyclones, since 2007. These disasters have caused widespread damage to infrastructure, property, and the environment, as well as loss of life and displacement of communities. The Sundarbans are also facing long-term environmental threats such as rising sea levels, deforestation, and habitat degradation. These issues have been compounded by human activities such as overfishing, pollution, and climate change. As a result, the Sundarbans and their inhabitants are facing a precarious future. 

Brokering World Hunger Away Movement by PayBitoPro

On its mission to end world hunger, the PayBitoPro team reached the core areas of Sundarbans to conduct their ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ campaign, where they addressed the major effect of natural disasters on food insecurity. The archipelago is under a direct threat of sinking due to frequent natural disasters caused by climate change. These cyclones and floods are not only destroying their houses, but also damaging agricultural fields, and fisheries, and disrupting the overall food chain. Hunger and poverty are the constant companions of the villagers. While PayBitoPro visited to help the hungry children in Sundarbans. The worst condition of the people. Moreover, to promote the sustainable development of these children. Thereafter, PayBitoPro in the livelihoods of the families and helps them thrive for a better future.

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Natural Disasters Worsen Food Insecurity in Sundarbans Villages

The delta islands of Sundarbans are under the radar of floods, and cyclones. Any cyclone that forms over the Bay of Bengal, first hits these islands, before entering the major cities and lands. However, in recent years, due to climate change, the frequency of cyclones, and floods has increased. Several islands in the archipelago are already underwater. With the increasing number of refugees, the villagers in Sundarbans now suffer from food scarcity, lack of employment opportunities, and poverty. 

When the PayBitoPro team started interviewing villagers, and the NGOs that are closely working with the villagers to help them, they discovered the harsh reality of their lifestyle. Every time the villages of Sundarbans are by a cyclone. They suffer a flood, people disperse, lose their houses, and their lands, and live in poverty. In such situations, menstrual hygiene issues, and sex trafficking cases increase. The housewives and young girls are lured to the cities in the name of domestic help. Therefore, they are actually sold to a brothel. Moreover, the children suffer the most, as their education is directly affected. Deprived of quality education, the children of Sundarbans are often sent off to other cities and countries to work as daily wagers. The harsh reality of Sundarbans is an eye-opener for everyone, who is yet to take climate change as a serious threat to mankind. 

Left Stranded: The Heartbreaking Struggle of Sohini Devastated by Natural Disasters

“I lost my house during Amphan, and I am staying as a refugee in Gosaba village. All other villagers from my village were moved to other villages or cities, as the island is already taken over by the river.” – Sohini Mondal 

Sohini Mondal, a resident of an island in the Sundarbans region, lost her home during the devastating cyclone Amphan. She is now a refugee living in Gosaba village. Moreover, her entire village has been taken over by the river. Thus, forcing the other villagers to move to other villages or cities. The impact of natural disasters like Amphan in the Sundarbans region not only results in property damage but also displaces families and disrupts communities, leaving many struggling to find a new place to call home.

Sohini from Gosaba, Sunarbans

“We bought land here in Gosaba, and work as farmers. My son often sells honey in the cities. After every cyclone, we suffer severe damage. The ponds we have for drinking water, cooking, and other everyday uses. They damage due to saltwater intrusion. The saltwater causes diarrhea, especially in children. We live in poverty, and my children are malnourished. The government initiated Anganwadi provides my kids with food and ration.”

Sohini, a refugee of Gosaba, a village in the Sundarbans region, describes the impact of cyclones on their community. Her family engages in farming and honey-selling, but the cyclones cause severe damage. Thus, including the freshwater ponds used for everyday purposes. Thereafter, leads to saltwater intrusion and health problems such as diarrhea, especially in children. The family lives in poverty, and their children are malnourished. However, the government’s Anganwadi program provides them with food and rations. There are several Sohini in the village, whose family struggles to survive in the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site of Sundarbans. 

Hope in the Face of Disaster: PaybitosPro’ Campaign Helps Sundarbans Villagers 

PayBitoPro has recently launched an innovative campaign called ‘Brokering World Hunger Away‘ to tackle global hunger. This campaign is in addition to its crypto broker platform, which caters to individual brokers, institutional investors, and entrepreneurs. The platform is user-friendly, and customizable, and can serve as a significant source of passive income. The noteworthy aspect of this initiative is that by signing up and earning commissions through the platform, brokers can directly contribute to the ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ movement. Using a ‘Dollar for a Dollar’ model, PayBitoPro will allocate an equal amount to the campaign for each dollar earned as a commission through the platform.

  • Providing Emergency Relief:

PayBitoPro’s ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ campaign is working to provide emergency relief to the villages of Sundarbans during natural disasters such as cyclones. This includes providing food, water, shelter, and medical aid to those affected by the disasters.

  • Improving Water Infrastructure:

PayBitoPro is working to improve the water infrastructure in Sundarbans to address the issue of saltwater intrusion in ponds and other water sources. This will help ensure that villagers have access to clean and safe water for drinking, cooking, and other everyday uses.

  • Supporting Sustainable Farming:

PayBitoPro’s campaign is also working to support sustainable farming practices in the Sundarbans region. This includes providing resources and education to help farmers adapt to the changing climate. Moreover, improves crop yields, helping to address the issue of food insecurity in the long term.

In Conclusion

The impact of natural disasters on food insecurity in the Sundarbans region is significant. Thereafter, PayBitoPro’s campaign is helping to address this issue head-on. By providing direct support to malnourished children and working towards alleviating global hunger, PayBitoPro is bringing hope to the face of disaster in Sundarban villages.

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