The price of Bitcoin proceeds to post all-time highs well into $31,000s as per the Twitter analytics data. With that being stated, the growing interest of social media in the field of digital currency happens to be likewise setting new goals throughout various key metrics. 

Bitcoin Tweets Hitting All-Time High 

As per Crypto data firms, tweets about Bitcoin have hit a new all-time high. It eclipsed a 64000 mark last witnessed throughout the peak of the bull run of 2017. The number of unique tweets regarding Bitcoin has just passed the all-time high of 64652, thereby setting a foot on 66832. As per reports, it indicates that the interest-only happens to be proceeding and it is not only restricted to Bitcoin. 

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The number of unique Twitter handles posting regarding Bitcoin has increased beyond 70000 for the first time. The entire tweet volume has surpassed the previous high of 135000 in December 2017 and reached up to 140000. The overall number of tweets regarding cryptocurrency has additionally hit the all-time new high of the proximity of quarter million in just 24 hours. 

Increased Demand for Buying Bitcoin

As mentioned earlier the increased volume is not only restricted to Twitter as Bitcoin happens to be climbing in stride with the price of the cryptocurrency. 

When it comes to “how to buy Bitcoin”, it is likewise increasing as well. People have also anticipated that this rice is because of the fear of missing out from institutions. Presently it is seizing retail investors additionally caught in a speculative mania. With that being stated, as per reports, searches for “how to buy Ethereum” is said to have remained low, despite its 20% surge as high as 950 dollars in 24 hours. 

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Wrapping Up

Above all, more and more searches continue for Bitcoin purchases and how to invest in the same. The effects of social media on Bitcoin are primarily driven by the interests focused on analytics data and business intelligence. 

Bitcoin’s emergence comes with the potential to paste the path for a technological revolution in financial markets. The dynamic interactions between the monetary value of Bitcoin and social media are what determines its valuation in the present social media world. 

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