Resilience amid adversity for Sundarban widows

  • April 14, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
Resilience amid adversity for Sundarban widows

The Sundarbans is an archipelago situated in the southwestern region of Asia, known for its diverse ecosystems. Despite being a popular tourist destination and a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, it is not a preferred location for human habitation. Thereafter, due to its susceptibility to natural calamities. The region, also referred to as the “city of cyclones,” has faced numerous cyclones over the years, and the local villagers have been severely affected by the vast mangrove forest and the adjacent river.

As part of their effort to combat global hunger, PayBito undertook a mission to the central villages of Sundarbans to promote their ‘Brokering World Hunger Away‘ campaign. During their visit, the team came across numerous widows residing in the renowned ‘bidhoba gram’ or widow-hamlet of Sundarbans. This village is well-known for having the highest number of widows in the area. Sundarbans are afflicted by several underlying reasons for hunger, and PayBito has committed to addressing all of these issues for the sake of long-term sustainability.

During their exploration of the Sundarbans islands, PayBito’s team encountered Radharani Sarkar, who had lost her husband to a venomous snake bite just one week after their wedding. Through an interview with her, PayBito learned about the devastating hardships that widows face and the inspiring story of Radharani’s emotional strength.

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From Loss to Resilience: The Inspiring Story of Radharani Sarkar, a Widow’s Tale

“I was born into a family with limited means, and when I turned seventeen, my father was unable to support me financially. It was at that point that he arranged for me to marry my husband. Over the next three years, I gave birth to two boys. Our family survived on a day-to-day basis, as we relied solely on daily wages for income. Unfortunately, we were unable to save any money, but despite this, we were content and lived a simple, harmonious life.”
-Radharani Sarkar 

Radharani Sarkar was born into a poor family. She was married at the age of 17. This is because her father couldn’t provide for her. She had two children within three years of her marriage, and her family lived on daily wages, without any savings. Despite the financial struggles, they lived a peaceful life. However, one night a poisonous snake bit her husband.

“At around 2 am, I was jolted awake by my husband’s agonizing screams. In a panic, I grabbed a stick and lit some smoke to drive away any snakes that may have been lurking nearby. Although other villagers had already fallen prey to such attacks, I had never imagined that this nightmare would become my reality.”

The agonizing screams changed Radharani’s life forever..

Radharani Sarkar was woken up at around 2 a.m. by her husband’s agonizing screams. In a panic, she grabbed a stick and lit some smoke to drive away any snakes that may have been lurking nearby. The villagers had already fallen prey to such attacks before, but she had never imagined that this nightmare would become her reality.

“Everyone in the village sleeps under the mosquito net. After having two kids, it was impossible to fit in the net, hence my kids would sleep on the bed, while sometimes I or my husband would sleep on the floor. That night, my husband went out with his friends to play cards and returned home late. Hence, he slept on the floor. I regret not using mosquito nets.” 

The village of snake widows..

In the village, everyone sleeps under a mosquito net. However, after having two kids, it became impossible for this person’s family to fit in the net. So, the kids slept on the bed, while sometimes either the person or their husband would sleep on the floor. That night, the husband went out with friends and returned home late, so he slept on the floor. The person regrets not using mosquito nets as protection.

Several snake widows are living in Radharani’s village and are constantly battling deadly poisonous snakes. Radharani is one of them, and she is currently struggling to provide for her children and make ends meet.

“I work in an agricultural field and make pottery items as a living. But, after Amphaan, my business is going down. I couldn’t sell my products for months.”

Radharani’s story opened the eyes of city dwellers who live with privileges and can sleep peacefully at night. In contrast, the inhabitants of the “bidhoba-gram” live in constant fear. They are battling the possibility of encountering poisonous snakes or even tigers during their everyday activities.

Paybito Extends a Helping Hand to Widows Battling Deadly Snakes in Sundarbans

PayBito has launched a new campaign named “Brokering World Hunger Away” to eliminate hunger worldwide. As a cryptocurrency broker platform, PayBito offers customized services for individuals, institutional investors, and entrepreneurs who want to invest in the crypto market. Opening an account on the platform is a straightforward process that can be completed in under three minutes. Thereafter, providing investors with a reliable source of passive income.

Furthermore, by joining the platform and earning commissions, investors can directly support the “Brokering World Hunger Away” movement. PayBito’s “Dollar for a Dollar” program ensures that for every dollar earned as a commission on the platform, an equivalent amount to support the initiative. This presents an opportunity for investors to make a significant contribution to society. Thereafter, help eradicate global hunger without investing any money or taking on any risk.

  • Financial Assistance: Paybito provides financial aid to the widows to help them sustain their businesses. This aid includes cash grants or low-interest loans to help them restart their livelihoods and support their families.
  • Skill Development Programs: Paybito organizes training programs to help the widows learn new skills or improve their existing ones. These programs range from basic computer literacy and financial management to advanced training in crafts, agriculture, or other fields.
  • Advocacy and Support: Paybito advocates for the rights and well-being of the widows in Sundarbans and supports them in various ways. This includes legal aid, counseling, or networking opportunities to help them connect with individuals who can help them. By raising awareness and providing support, Paybito helps to empower widows and improve their quality of life.

Final Words

Paybito provides much-needed support to widows in the Sundarbans region. Their financial assistance, skill development programs, and advocacy and support efforts are all geared toward empowering these women and helping them rebuild their lives after natural disasters. Through their work, Paybito is not only improving the lives of individual widows but also contributing to the broader community’s social and economic development. The organization’s efforts are commendable and serve as an inspiration to others to help those in need.

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