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  • September 13, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore

Stratospheric highs and abysmal lows are synonymous with cryptocurrency trading. The crypto exchange market is highly volatile and entices investors as a new and exciting investment avenue. A dive into crypto statistics will only cement what’s inevitable all over the world- mass adoption of cryptocurrency. This is a great time for setting up a crypto trade exchange business. While research is mandatory, a complete setup from scratch also requires technical knowledge, resources, and patience. A more practical approach is to implement a platform solution from any white label crypto exchange development company

Cryptocurrency Usage Patterns worldwide

At $6 billion USD, Bitcoin is the most popular crypto-token in terms of daily trade volume- second only to non-crypto legacy products Visa Card and MasterCard. Within the span of a year, the average daily crypto trade volumes increased from $44.7 billion to $113.2 billion. Trading reached an all-time high in May 2021 at $543.2 billion.  An increase in crypto users is evident from the 18.57% boost in blockchain wallets within six months to 74.7 million.

The Crypto Trade Business Toolkit for Starters

As explained above, business entrants buy and use solutions from a White Label Crypto Exchange development company, or forge their own path from zero. Like all businesses, crypto trading requires prior consideration and adherence to several factors, including:

(i) Legal Paperwork

Legal paperwork and filing are essential for any business to operate smoothly. Legal issues that must be considered before setting up a crypto trade include selecting the right business jurisdiction, compliance with regional or national regulation laws, and a legal license to offer crypto trading services.

(ii) Functionality

Make a final list of features and benefits that your crypto trading business will offer to the investors. Common features include margin trading, fiat/crypto exchange, and more. Choose a white-label crypto exchange development company that offers all of your desired functionalities. 

(iii) Liquidity

Any crypto exchange of repute will register and list digital assets with very high liquidity. This protects its service using crypto users from crypto frauds and scams. 

(iv) Customer Support

Open 24×7, the crypto trade market is growing rapidly. It is still a new route for investors. As such, users may need time to get used to the crypto exchange platform. High-end round-the-clock support for multiple languages improves customer service experience.

While the basics are more or less generalized, there are additional hurdles as each step progresses. This is also one of the main reasons why starters in the crypto exchange prefer White Label Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange. This article will highlight the top 5 best-performing white label crypto exchange platforms available in the market.

White Label Crypto Exchange

The white label concept has been instrumental in the widespread popularity of the crypto revolution. Simply put, a ‘white label’ software is a product made by a company with the intent to sell/rent. The enterprise buying the product can make further modifications to the software product and serve its requirements in a better way. It is easy to customize and add a unique brand aesthetic to a White label product with features including brand logo and color scheme. 

In terms of performance, white-label products from reputed manufacturers excel in the required parameters from the very start- having passed rigorous quality assurance test standards. Product differences among the leading market players lie in the number of features provided, and the quality of service.

Business Dive: Top White Label Cryptocurrency Exchanges

White label cryptocurrency exchange developers help organizations to kickstart their own cryptocurrency exchange. Let us take a deep look into what the top companies have to offer to their prospective clients.

1.  HashCash Consultants

Founded in 2015, California-based Hashcash Consultants has been at the forefront of crypto exchange platform development and blockchain implementation for quite a while. With extensive experience under its belt, HashCash specializes in building swift cost-effective solutions for diverse businesses. Its native white label cryptocurrency exchange software is seen as a benchmark among white label crypto exchange platforms. 

Along with the best after-sales service, HashCash also provides a host of other features, including:

(i) Multiple Cryptocurrency & Fiat Currency Support

Popular cryptocurrency options- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, HCX, ERC20, and their variants are already listed. The platform also provides options for additional aggregators, along with support for major fiat currencies including USD, Euro, and others.

(ii) High-frequency trading with SegWit, Firebase, BIP-32, and Priority Matching Engine

The SegWit feature enhances the block size capacity in a blockchain network, and along with Firebase and BIP-32 provides an operational speed unheard of. Combined with a customizable price-time priority matching engine, the product ensures real-time high-level performance, each time. 

(iii) Premium security with database encryption and 3-point architecture

Industry-standard 3-point architecture and DB encryption are implemented throughout the platform to prevent frauds, security errors, or hackers from breaking in. The platform also mandates and maintains KYC and AML compliance requirements.

(iv) Multi-signature Wallet, Multi-device compatibility

The HashCash White Label architecture features both cold wallets and encrypted hot wallets. The platform is also compatible with iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. 

2. PayBito 

PayBito’s integrated white label cryptocurrency exchange software is another white label global favorite. The all-in-one product is actively deployed across 5 continents with resounding success. The product consists of most of the above-mentioned features, in addition to:

(i) SegWit-based  multi-signature and multi-currency transactions at high frequency

SegWit doesn’t store digital signatures, saving up a lot of space in a block i.e. the base of a decentralized blockchain network. Other innovations included the Firebase database and BIP-32 compliance.

(ii) High crypto-liquidity: Can easily integrate with varying exchanges

The Paybito platform also features customization UI/UX options for enhanced wallet security, admin access console, three-layer security, DB encryption, and more. Talk about secure business trading.

(iii) Efficient CMS  with KYC Verification

Data collection is a foundational pillar of any crypto exchange. The PayBito White label program ensures updates of customer KYC details while maintaining AML configurations in blocks.

(iv)Real-time Dashboard with Crucial Parameters

The intuitive PayBito dashboard displays the key parameters needed including Fiat and BTC balance, Instant Buy or Sell Price and more. The dashboard also contains crypto trading options(Buy, Sell, Send or Receive). There is also an option for viewing a cryptocurrency’s performance over the period of a week, month, and quarter respectively. 

Notable Examples of a White Label Crypto Exchange Development Company

3. Alphapoint

Beginning its crypto exchange journey in 2013, Alphapoint is currently ranked 34 in the USA’s fastest-growing companies. The company uses its experience and expertise to present a White Label Crypto Exchange Product that stands and delivers. The standout features include:

(i) Centralized layered Architecture
(ii) High Liquidity through Remarketer and Alphapoint.

(iii) Option to add several traders/brokers with Centralized Liquidity.

(iv)Inbuilt FX Conversion, integration options for trade surveillance & report.


4. B2Broker

B2Broker was established in 2014. It currently provides 2 White Label Exchange solutions-the B2B Meta Trader 4 Star and its 5 Star variant. The products are characterized by:

(i) Zero Hidden Costs or Surcharges.

(ii) A large number of Customizable Widgets.

(iii) REST and WebSocket API compatibility.

(iv) Matching Engine processes up to 30000 requisitions in each second.


5. Devexperts 

The Devexperts team has been in the fintech business for 19 years. The White Label solutions developed by the company look visually stunning. The company’s crypto exchange platform packs the following features:

(i) High-Level Security against Fraud
(ii) Comprehensive Crypto Trading Platform
(iii) High-Speed Transactions clocking up to 500000 requests per second.

(iv) Over 60 Technical Parameters.

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