Top White Label Crypto Exchange Providers in 2024

  • April 1, 2024
  • Jennifer Moore
Top White Label Crypto Exchange Providers in 2024

White-label crypto exchanges around the world have several common features. These features include facilitating trading, buying, and selling of cryptocurrencies, recognizing major fiat currencies, and having a highly secure wallet facility. However, for a common person and a new user, it is difficult to choose which crypto exchange is suitable for his needs. Therefore, we are listing out the top white-label crypto exchange providers in 2024 for the convenience of such users.

Top White Label Crypto Exchange Provider in 2024


PayBitoPro is one of the most popular white-label crypto exchanges in 2024. The platform has a wide range of features such as offering multi-currency, multi-signature, and SegWit. These features help in the buying, selling, and trading of digital currencies. It supports a wide range of fiat currencies such as the American Dollar, Euro, and others. Security features of PayBitoPro are very efficient as it includes a 3-level system, hot, cold, and warm wallets. It has also anti-phishing features, database encryption, and Geo-targeting that detects VPNs and Tor Exist modes. The KYC and AML policies of this platform are well integrated to prevent instances of fraud and protect online anonymity. 


HashCash is another popular crypto exchange platform in 2024. It too has many attractive features such as a wallet management system, an order book with a matching engine, KYC verification, UI/UX branding, customer management system. The security system of HashCash is also highly effective because of Firebase and firewall implementation. Geography-specific thorough KYC verification enables users to protect their identity and carry out transactions safely. HasCash also has a price-time priority matching engine that is easily customizable.


ChainUp is known for its strict authentication process which guarantees a high security level for new users and investors. The SAAS financial model aligns well with specialized module installation and a high-speech matching mechanism. A powerful trading engine, high scalability, and good risk management tools are largely responsible for its growing popularity. 


B2Trader may well be a good choice for those seeking to get a white-labe cryptocurrency exchange at affordable prices and in the shortest time possible. Besides the main conventional features of the crypto exchange platform, the company has developed a multi-component ecosystem of innovative trading solutions. Since it is compatible with many fiat currencies, B2Trader is preferable for businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies and a combination of both fiat and cryptos.


AlphaPoint has a good presence in 35 countries. It is customizable, secure, and has high degrees of scalability. In El Salvador, it operates in the crypto markets and is well-suited to the first nationalized crypto ecosystem. It has a robust order management system and a wide range of risk management tools. Moreover, this exchange provider facilitates fiat and crypto integration. A matching engine and a highly customizable front end are some other notable features of this exchange platform.


Openware has built this software for a full-fledged crypto trading platform. The noteworthy features of this platform include a simplified user interface, highly integrated fiat payment systems, and good scalability. It also has role-based access control to prevent unauthorized access and has a multi-referral system. The trading engine has a high frequency and a control tower administration panel for better monitoring. 

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The decentralized financial market has grown and evolved considerably in recent years. Therefore, users should exercise caution while choosing an appropriate white-label crypto exchange platform. It must involve a high degree of customization, and be affordable. Features like fiat integration, transaction speed, and scalability quotient are also vital to check before zeroing down on an exchange provider. 

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