What To Know About Custody Application For Digital Assets

  • May 24, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
What To Know About Custody Application For Digital Assets

For people working within the digital assets space – be it asset tokenization or cryptocurrencies – the question regarding how the industry of custody can evolve for supporting digital assets still happens to be unresolved. Perhaps the starting point should be: What is digital assets custody or custody application? 

What is Custody For Digital Assets? 

A custody application for Digital assets signifies security vault and storage systems utilized for holding huge quantities of tokens or Digital currencies. Cryptocurrency custody solutions happen to be one of the most advanced innovations in the fintech industry and remain the herald of institutional capital entry within the blockchain industry. The utilization of the Crypto custody application lies in protecting the Crypto assets. Private keys are utilized for conducting transactions or access encrypted holdings. They are a complicated combination of alphanumerics. It happens to be challenging to remember and can be hacked or stolen. In this case, online wallets happen to be a potential solution, however, they are also susceptible to hacks and frauds.

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Types of Crypto Wallet Applications

While cryptocurrency custody applications happen to be the solution to keep institutional funds sound and safe, cryptocurrency wallets are applications for institutional customers for accessing the funds. Here are some of its types:

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallet applications are one of the most popular kinds of Crypto wallets out there in the market today. Available for both Android and iOS. Therefore, they are pretty similar to web wallets. However, with one essential difference. The private key stores on the mobile device of the user. 

Web Wallets

A web wallet refers to a Crypto wallet that simply exists online. Users can easily access it with the help of a web-connected app or a web browser. Private keys for storage are either held by a custodian or happen to be encrypted behind the password of the user. 

Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallets work almost similar to mobile wallets. Here, private keys are locally stored on the machine. Users can access the wallet whether or not there is an Internet connection. The difference between desktop wallets and mobile wallets is easy. The desktop wallets appear to be pretty modern. Therefore, they come with more technically complex characteristics. Moreover, it can enhance the privacy of the facility for more flexibility while signing transactions. 

How Safe is PayBitoPro’s Custody Application? 

PayBitoPro’s digital assets custody application, ideal for institutional investors, helps store and maintain your Crypto assets by utilizing the most compliant user-friendly, and safe custody solution in the market. With an experience of decades in the field of development of state-of-the-art financial technologies, the custody application of PayBitoPro helps institutions create custody solutions concerning digital assets for the ever-rising cryptocurrency industry. Here are some of its features that are worth noting:

Intuitive User Interface

PayBitoPro’s Crypto asset custody application concentrates on simplicity and convenience. It also helps users save a lot of time and hassle. 

Institution Grade Safety

The custody application, as created by professional financial experts for financial professionals, helps leave user’s funds safely under the custody of an experienced and repeatable team. 

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Flexible Pricing

The custody application comes with almond benefits along with flexible pricing. With a free setup and no minimums, there are adjustable pricing facilities from experts. 


Prioritizing the security of customers, the insurance policy encompasses losses and is for customers. 

That said, the crypto asset custody application of PayBitoPro helps support the digital assets that matter to institutional investors. 

Winding Up

Certainly, a digital asset custody application requires private key storage capacity whether that is for DLT, blockchain, or Bitcoin. Therefore, a question arises on how to manage private keys when it comes to the custody of crypto assets. Differences in technology between institutional platforms and crypto. Along with the still-evolving and applicable regulatory framework. Moreover, there is demand for a more holistic perspective of custody that is way beyond private key storage. In other words, the evolving definition of what digital asset custody application signifies more than the question of people holding a private key.

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